How Smartly Modern Parents Can Use Internet Filters for Kids?

Apr 27, 2022 | Parenting Advice, Parenting Teens

Techie kids are well aware of the latest smart gadgets and operate their phones like any adult can. Usually, they complete their homework, play online games and use social sites. It’s nearly impossible to disconnect them from the web since they can’t resist the internet and live a prisoner’s life. A huge variety of risks lurk on the web for kids. It’s an alarming situation how parents make their kids’ browsing safe and filtered?

One solution is to use internet filters on any trustworthy parental control like FamilyTime. This is how they can filter specific content from websites and search engines.


It’s a ‘’No No’’ situation for schools to have no internet filters. That can turn into a disaster for kids and school. Adult and illegal content is spread all over the web and kids without having parental controls might try to access inappropriate stuff but try to manipulate other kids to reach pornography. Therefore, here are some major advantages are mentioned below of filtering the internet for kids;

  • A good web filter wards off kids from accessing adult content and gambling site and assures you utter peace of mind.
  • It helps children to stay safe from any cyberattack, not only this feature can safeguard your privacy and personal information from any hacker. Since it’s the easiest task for the hack to make them click on any button they want.
  • A worthy internet filter app blocks/restrict suspicious and ill-suited internet material for kids’ reach.


A massive amount of information is in kids’ access. Stopping children from the internet can simply not work. Kids’ are naturally curious and try new things. Through an internet filter feature, we can restrict them to watch illegal and nasty content on the web. These web filters are normally used in schools colleges and various institutes. Parents should also consider using these filters at home or on their kids’ smart devices, as schools are already protecting kids from any inappropriate content.

More danger and risk are exposed to your kids as long as they stay on the internet. For instance, there are millions of videos available on YouTube that your child can reach with just a click. Whereas, any under 13 kid should not watch or post content on any platform. Parents have a lot more reasons to get scared in this digitalized world. 


Internet filtering in schools is a must. Not only in schools but parents must focus on filtering the internet for their kids. Policing your little ones can make them rebellious, so the only way to control and manage their cellphones is to install a reliable parental control app and use the internet filter feature. It’s a legal obligation of schools to secure kids from accessing irrelevant data. As a parent, it is the moral responsibility to teach your child and ensure a healthy and sound web environment. A suitable internet filter can take care of such dangers for your kid. Be wise and choose wisely!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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