How FamilyTime Location Tracking Can Help Working Parents

Jun 8, 2015 | Family Locator App, Parental Controls


It’s that time of the year that parents dread the most! The summer vacation is here and children break their own record of raising hell! But consider yourself in a perpetually chaotic situation if you’re working parents because by the time you’d hit home, you could be having situations unimaginable, never-ending tattling and a topsy-turvy house!

But you could rewind it all and install FamilyTime on their smartphones or tablets and can keep constant tabs on them. Trust me; there is nothing better than being prepared for all the mess! Read on to know how to make the best use of FamilyTime family locator features.

Get them moving!

Starting this summer, make them go outdoors and burn some calories for good! Get their bicycles oiled and soccer gear all ready and make sure that they go outside and get rid of the connection-addiction. While you’re at office working, you can check on their location history to make sure they’re not at home and out there in the playground or the cycling track. You could even check how far they went and which route they took.

If your kids don’t really keep their promise, you could even lock their phones unless they go outdoors! A little harsh but it’s a last resort that will certainly work!


Keep a safety check

Pre-teens and teens can become a little adventurous and a summer vacation is a risky time. Along with their friends, they could sneak to that nearby abandoned mansion or places you strictly restricted. Teens can always use a little adventure, but this could sometimes land them in big troubles. So to be on the safe side, add those suspicious or restricted places to the FamilyTime Places list and if they ever try sneaking to those places, you’d be the first one to know. The best thing is that you don’t have to stay glued to the app; FamilyTime will update you with push notifications so you miss nothing!


Always be a tap away!

There may be places you could pre-define and add to the Places list, but there may be a place or two that you might be missing. That could be a shady bar that sells booze to under-age people and you wouldn’t know.  Even worse, your child could get trapped or pranked. They could be harassed at the subway or some deserted place. Whatever the scenario is, you must always be there for your children. FamilyTime app gives the best way to your children to get your help right when it’s needed. With their app, they can send you instant SOS alerts and you will get their complete location details the very instant.


Make them date safely

Its summers and your teens can’t help but be more social and would want to date more actively. While you can’t bar them from going out and can’t be there to see who’re they’re seeing, you can still be sure that they don’t get into abusive relationships. Make your child keep you in the loop where they’re going out and you could keep a safety check on them. Should anything seem out of the context, it’s always better to give them a call! Worst come worse, they’d know how to get to you within seconds with the SOS alerts.

Never forget!

Let FamilyTime be your parental aide as it lets you connect with your children digitally! If you often forget that you had to pick them up from the baseball practice or baking class, you can always ask your children to send you PickMeUp alerts and you’d instantly know it’s time to pick them up! No more awkward explanations and panic attacks!


pick_me_upConnect smartly!

For all your parental woes, there is FamilyTime so lay your concerns to rest and rely on the FamilyTime parental controls to help you fight chaos and keeping your kids safe this summer! So what’re you waiting for? Get started with FamilyTime and get some peace of mind!



FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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