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At this point, many people take stock of 2020 and prepare New Year’s resolutions. While some commit to generic and ambitious goals, others stipulate objective and seemingly simple barriers to avoid dropouts in the middle of the year.

The physical form, the work and family life are the focus of many New Year’s resolutions. But the decisions for change must also include the attention we pay to our body and the way we listen to our inner selves.

Being in good health provides the well-being necessary to live the day to day fully and be happy in all aspects of our life. Therefore, prioritize health when setting resolutions for 2021. And don’t just do it for yourself instead, help your kids to pay attention to their health too. In this article, we give you 4 suggestions for commitments your kids should make with themselves.

Help your kids to be healthier with these 4 new year’s resolutions 

  1. Adopt a healthier lifestyle

Every year we hear many family members and friends say that it is time to lose the extra pounds. This resolution involves a change in habits and the adoption of a healthy lifestyle. If your kid is chubby too, help them shape their body by adding this resolution to their list. In order to lose those extra pounds, they should choose a more careful diet and include regular physical activity in their routine.

They can start by managing their trips to the supermarket better. Make a weekly list and buy only what they need. Give preference to fruits and vegetables over processed foods. If they have a hard time resisting the temptation, avoid going through the aisles of chocolates and cookies!

As far as physical activity is concerned, the important thing is to find a sport that gives them pleasure and to practice it at least once a week if they do it more regularly, the better! If the gym is not a possibility for them, remember that many modalities can be practised at home or on the street. The financial issue cannot be an excuse for not complying with this new year’s resolution.

It is important to transmit these healthy habits to the youngest. It is estimated that about 29.6% of children suffer from overweight. It is during childhood that good eating and exercise habits should be introduced.

  1. Sleep more and better

Most of the kids do not give due importance to sleep. Between school, housework and play activities, the day doesn’t have enough hours for everything they may want to do.

Sleeping a few hours less may not seem like a problem at the outset. However, sleep restriction ends up causing excessive tiredness and concentration difficulties, in addition to other health consequences.

For those who find it difficult to fall asleep or sleep a full night’s sleep, one of the New Year’s resolutions may be to have a quality rest. 

Today, we see kids using their smart devices in their beds during the night. This badly affects their sleep habits and disrupts the quality of their sleep. To avoid this, parents are suggested to lock their devices during the night time so kids can sleep better. To lock their devices, experts recommend that parents use cell phone parental control apps such as FamilyTime. It is of the best apps available to parents. Using the app, parents can either schedule auto screen locks on their kids’ devices or can lock these remotely at any time.

In addition to using the parental control apps, know that some habits can help, such as exercising, setting hours to lie down and getting up, and doing relaxation exercises before bed (for example, meditation). 

  1. Reduce stress

Dubbed as a 21st-century disease, stress is increasingly present in our lives, whether for personal or professional reasons. To combat stress and gain quality of life for kids, include the following habits in your kids’ list of New Year’s resolutions:

  1. Wake up 15 minutes early so you can calmly prepare to go to school. Take the first minutes of the day to take care of yourself, have breakfast at home and avoid running out;
  2. During the working day, allow yourself to “hang up” for a few moments. Mid-morning and afternoon, take breaks and socialize with your friends and family. Sometimes, 5 minutes are enough to unwind and restore concentration levels;
  3. Avoid delaying homework as much as possible. 
  4. Take rest as rest is essential to calm the body and mind and to start the day with energy and vitality. So, book the last hours of the day for light activities. Relaxing before going to sleep is halfway to a good night’s sleep;
  5. On your vacation, get out of the routine effectively. Take a few days to visit a new destination. Within your city or country, there can be incredible places to visit. The chances are endless: city, beach, countryside… Just choose and make the most of it.
  1. Do postponed check-ups forever

At the start of 2021, it is a good time to  visit the dentist or health practitioner that is always postponing. Take your kids with you as taking care of their oral and psychological and physical health is essential. Often, delaying a necessary treatment can bring complications that turn out to be more expensive and painful.

With this, remind your kids that the list of resolutions that they can adopt to live longer and better is endless. They are needed to define the commitments that best meet their needs and desires and follow them without creating a margin for dropouts. The important thing is to do it with determination and believe that they are capable of. At the end of the year, the sense of accomplishment will be worth the effort.

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