Four Negative Uses of Technology by Dating Teens

Oct 7, 2015 | Teens' Perspective and Reseearch

Neg-uses-of-TechnologyTechnology is one big tool for teens to start dating. Along with inviting others for dating, teens use technology to carry some negative behaviors that they shouldn’t. Give below are the four ways teens use their technology.

Connect with Strangers

The first use of technology for teens is to find a partner for them. All they need to do that is to sign up on dating forums or download the dating apps such as Tinder, MeetMe, SnapChat, Happen etc. on their smartphones and there you go. Some teens even use social media to approach their partner to be whereas, some use the luck spin or matchmaking apps such as Tastebuds that find them the best match based on the locality, and interests.


Sexting has become very popular among the dating teens. They send nude images and expletive  text messages over the phone using the technology today. Teens sext to hook their partner’s interest and to date. According to the sources “More than 67% of all teens have sexted at least once, and more than half of those teens did it due to pressure to ‘fit in’ or to be cool.” Another study reveals:

  1. 22 Percent of teen girls and almost 18 percent of teen boys have accepted to send nude or seminude photos of themselves.
  2. Of the 70 percent of teen girls who have sexted, 61% have said that they did so because they were pressured
  3. 22 percent of teens admit that technology makes them personally more forward and aggressive.
  4. 38 percent of teens believe that sending sexy content increases the chances of dating or hooking up with others.

While there are many reasons for dating teen to sext, one of the major reasons reported is to instigate the other partner for sex.

Spread rumors

After the teens break up, they spread rumors about their ex-partner using the technology. They do it keep a connection with the leaving partner or to take revenge against them because of the feeling of being treated badly.


Dating teens use the technology to threaten their partner or ex-partner also. They use platforms such as, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and similar sites to threaten or  express ownership over, or punish a partner or ex-partner. Some teens send threatening images such as a bloody knife over snapchat so that the pictures convey their message and disappear forever and some post humiliating information about their ex-partners over the public for public forums. They even threat to post the other partner’s private images over these public forums which is far disgusting.

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