Oct 15, 2021 | Parenting Tips and advices

Multiple games are now introduced to involve kids in creative tasks and enhance their skills. Lego blocks remain on the top. There are many benefits of playing with Lego. They equip your child with basic motor and learning skills.

Unfortunately, mobile phones have replaced the quality time children could spend doing more productive tasks. They prefer video games and TV shows over outdoor or manual games. They very rarely sit with peers or siblings and engage themselves in some productive tasks.

Playing with Lego can help them build new skills and learn new skills. What to do with their excessive phone using habits that do not allow them to engage in any manual task? iPhone and Android parental control apps can assist you to manage your time over the phone. So, stick with us to know all about Lego and how to make them leave phones and do some other activities.

Here is what skills Lego equips your child with.

  1. Creative Thinking

Children build different things with Lego blocks and make full use of their imagination and thinking power. This grows their brain and develops their thinking capabilities and imagination. They make different stories and bring them to practicality by making characters and buildings etc.

The idea of building what they think excites them and grows their curiosity to experiment with more ideas. All of these habits are conducive to creative and intelligent minds. When you let your kids express their thoughts and creativity through games like Lego, it only helps in growing them.

  1. Fine Motor Skills

Not just that your kids use their mental capabilities in Lego creation, they use their hands very smartly and delicately. This can be the best activity to groom their fine motor skills. Dexterity in hands allows them to develop good writing or painting skills along with developing strength in them.  

Research has shown the children who spend most of their time over phones lack these skills. That’s why it is important you check on their activities.  

  1. Self-esteem & Confidence

The more they build new things, the more they get excited about their own creations. This builds their confidence in their abilities. Moreover, when they are appreciated for what they have made with Lego, it strengthens their self-esteem. And believe me, nothing more than this is important to be successful in life.  

The amazing thing about Lego is that the results always surprise children. So, they make full use of their efforts to reach that level of achievement.

  1. Problem Solving Skills 

With every new task, kids try to implement a new idea. The challenges they face on their way to building the idea that is in their mind helps them in developing problem-solving skills.

And people with these skills are good at many technical subjects. They try every possible way to just build what they want and meanwhile solve all the problems that stop them from doing so. This mind practice enhances their IQ and develops the thinking part of the brain. So, they are always better at understanding complex concepts.

  1. Teamwork and socialization

Playing with peers or siblings is another plus in Lego. Every person has to take a role. One is a builder and the other is an architect and it goes like this. Children learn to fit in different roles, collaborate with each other, and make new links. This is how you make them learn how to work in a team, the ability that would help them throughout their life.

Moreover, they make new connections, know each other’s skills and learn to groom their socializing skills.

So, take them out of the screens and digital activities and make them play some productive and creative games like Lego. With FamilyTime, you can set customized schedules and phone locks that will block their devices for the particular time you have set. Reduce their time spent on screens, they will very likely shift to more productive games.

Check detailed features of the app on the website. Also, you can download it from Play Store or App Store. Happy Lego Playing!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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