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Disagreeing with your partner, arguing over a point, or even fighting a little bit is the story of almost every couple. I must say they are important for the normal running of a household. Sometimes you realize your mistakes, reach a mutual agreement, or even end up loving each other more. 

But, always know that there is a dichotomy between healthy arguing and toxic fighting. And when you become parents, you have to become extra cautious. Because now it is not just you and your partner who will be affected by that fight but there is another person a part of your family. 

Studies have shown that people with damaged personalities, in most cases, have broken families or abusive parental relationships. 

You do not want your child to be that, right? So, here are the interactions with your partner that can hurt your kid badly irrespective of his age. Because a secure family bond is as much a requirement of a child, like that of a teen or even an adult.  

Shouting in Front of Your Kids

Disagreeing with your better half would result in arguments and when no one is willing to agree to a common point, it results in a loud fight. Quite normal, right? Wrong!

You still do not have to indulge in loud arguments with your half because it is neither normal for a relationship nor your kid. You must settle your fight in your room decently and be in a normal form before your kid. 

It makes your kid feel insecure about the family bond in general and your relationship with them. Also, a child can withdraw from the normal roles and can develop his world to find peace. 

Disrespecting and Abusing

You have a stature of a respectful being before your kids. But when they see you passing disrespectful, contemptuous, and abusive remarks for your spouse, it can destroy their belief.

Not just that, they suffer psychologically seeing their parents not loving and respecting each other. Because after all, your kids love you and they want to see you both happy and loving. Moreover, these are the things that they would learn and repeat.

So, never let them become an abusive person. Keep your fights just to an extent of decent arguing, abusing is never the right way, particularly in front of your young ones.    

Silent Treatment

You think your child doesn’t notice when you are giving each other a silent treatment. It gives an impression that there is no understanding between you and definitely, your kiddo feels it.

Again, it tells that you are not having a happy relationship then how come your young one would feel secure and happy under your parenting.

Considering each other’s sufferings, talking, and settling things is the only healthy habit that you should have as a couple.   

Not settling over child’s responsibilities

Never make your child feel like he is a burden on you. Both of you should know who is going to take him to school and who is dropping him back or any other things.

Fighting over a child’s responsibilities gives one of the worst feelings to your kid. Your schedule clashes with each other and you are likely having difficulty in managing things. But again, that should be settled personally.   

Competing to sound better than other 

Trying to become a better parent in the eyes of kids, we start competing with another half. Your child does not want to see this. Some parents often put their child in a situation where he has to figure out who is a better parent to him. That only leads to the weakening of family relationships.

There is no competition between you and your partner. Only a mutual collaboration can bring stability to your family.  

Your child needs a healthy family life and the relationship between both the parents is one of the conditions for a good upbringing. Check the FamilyTime app to see how you can co-parent your child while maintaining healthy and flexible parental controls. It has a wide range of features that can help you connect all the members of your family.

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