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Kids can also have problems just like adults. Although, we very rarely understand them or take them seriously. Being parents, we may find our children’s problems trivial, but they carry huge importance to them. This attitude of ours makes them hide things from us.

Do we understand how hard it can be for them? No! And, do we behave decently and listen to them when they discuss their problems with us. Not at all. Instead, we react quite irresponsibly without realizing how it could affect them. This is the reason they don’t feel comfortable sharing what is going on in their lives. So, first of all, you have to make them feel safe about discussing things with you. They can be passing through any problem, bearing stress on their own, or anything. You can use FamilyTime, the best parental control app for iPhone and Android to check in their digital activities to get an idea of what is going on with them.

But, here are the signs that will tell you there is something wrong with your kids.


If your kids are hiding something from you, you will observe some unpredictable behaviors. See, kids and teens might be good at holding things in their hearts but they are not very good at acting it. And you are the parent, you know about them. So, you must observe them if there is any difference in their behavior. You might find them becoming aggressive, showing tantrums, or behaving unreasonably at a certain point. Don’t rely on one-time observation. Once you feel something, track other behaviors and wait for more signs before you finally decide to talk to them.  


When having a problem or doing something that they don’t think you would approve of, kids tend to stay close to their private places. For example, they might keep their door locked, write a diary, or do activities alone. As said earlier, they are not good at acting and they are afraid you might get to know about it. So, they tend to stay at the place where you are not observing them.


Eyes, they say, are the path to the soul and that is true about everyone. Look into the eyes of your kids to know if they are nervous or thinking about something else. They would try to be at a place where they do not have to interact with you, would avoid answering you by sitting behind you or particularly, looking at you. Instead, they would answer you while running and rushing towards their rooms, looking somewhere else and trying to pretend it is normal. But, you know, when you observe such behavior, there is definitely something wrong.


Another important sign is finding your kids over-explaining their behavior or actions. For example, when they come back from a friend’s place and you ask why it took so long, they would start telling you more details than you asked for. It is also possible that they are just trying to escape your anger. But if you are not a strict parent and still they are doing this, you can take it as a sign.


One thing is for sure, mobile phones are the best friends to your kids particularly when they do not want to be sitting with others or talking. So, if they retreat back to their rooms busy with their cell phones, you’ve got to check on them. Remember, there is always a decent and loving way to show your kids you care about them.

So, the first thing you do is try to provide them a comfortable environment and let them speak to you. If they don’t, take the first step to talk to them.

A mobile phone is often the tool to know what is going on in one’s life. We are not telling you to check their phones, you will lose trust this way. Use the best parental control app for iPhone, Android, or tablets, FamilyTime. It can tell you all about the digital life of your child. Use it to know your kids more closely and monitor their activities in a better way.

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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