Digital Detox! What is it and how does it help your Teenager!

Sep 21, 2015 | Parenting 101

Digital Detox! What is it and how does it help teenagers

Digital Detox is a treatment for technology dependent kids (and everybody else). It is relatively a new term that is about avoiding digital devices such as computers, Laptops, cell phones, smartphones and tablets, etc. for a certain period of time so that the dependency level can be decreased to the minimum possible limit.

Let’s admit this fact that the teens and preteens are becoming dependent on their devices. They feel restless if they don’t get their devices in their hands for less than five minutes. The situation can be regretful if, as a parent, you don’t take appropriate actions to stop it. The digital interruption can burn out your kid and make them inefficient for the rest of their lives. The appropriate step I am talking about is the digital detox that has proved to be a great way to recharge and resuscitate your kid’s efficiency. There are a lot of benefits reported by the practitioners of digital detox. Here are the 4 major benefits you can bring to your teen’s life using the digital detox:

Amends Focus

The ability stay focused is the key to success. Teens today have more distractions than ever before. Whatever they do, they keep on checking their cell phone, emails, or posts. So, if you implement digital detox it helps kids to step back temporarily and gather all their thoughts on the concluding way to stay focused!

Improves Productivity

Once the teen starts to focus on what they do, they become more clear about what to do and how to do. This clarity of mind helps them achieve their desired goal in minimum possible time. Hence, they end up being more productive!

Connects to the real Life

Your teens live in the digital world and a single step of digital detox can bring them back to their real lives to their real friends and family. This will help them to be involved in the real conversation, in observing real expressions and nonetheless develop real emotions.

Improves Memory

This again is linked to the focus your teen pays during digital detox. With all their attention, they will tend to remember even the most obscure details about everything they do. Ask them about their posture or the facial expression and they will definitely reply to you about it.

If you found digital detox a good way to cut down your teen’s dependency on technology, It is recommended to start with small time frames, say few hours or any limit that your teen can accomplish and then increase in a subtle manner.  To obviate the tech-dependency and cultivate the benefits of digital detox for your teens, you can either take their phones or lock them using parental control apps.

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