Digital At-Home Learning During COVID-19- 10 Tips You Should Follow

Apr 10, 2020 | Parenting Advice

Due to COVID-19, schools all over the world are closed. Children have to stay at home with their parents until the situation gets better. During this situation, the online classroom is the only option to continue education. Schools are using classroom tools like Google Classroom and video software like Zoom to bridge the communication gap between teachers and students.

It is hard for both parents and children to adopt the new routine as parents also have to work from home. But there is no other option and you are not alone doing this. It is important for parents to keep their kids focused on learning instead of playing games or watching videos on their smartphones or tablets.

As a parent, thinking about how to tackle this situation and making sure that children study properly at home? For this, parents should follow the below ten tips to make at home learning easy for your kid and reduce your worries as well:

1-Create Dedicated Space for Learning

In schools, the child stays focused and learn easily because they are sitting in a comfortable and quiet environment. Keeping this in mind, parents should set up a dedicated space for their learning or for the school homework. This place will be a different set up in comparison to the place where they play games or watch the television in a house.

Remember that as the children are going to sit for some hours at that place. So, it is important to ensure that their posture is correct and they are comfortable to sit at that place. The table and chair should be proper to avoid orthopedic issues later.

2-Limit the Mobile Devices Usage

It is a common observation that when children are free, they try to use their mobile devices as much as they can. As parents are at home, it is important for them to set a specific time for your child to use the mobile devices. Tell them that they are only allowed to use the devices once they have completed their homework.

Set up a time in which they can use their devices. They can play a game, watch videos, or anything else they want to do. If possible, you should provide your child a dedicated device such as a desktop or laptop for school working or learning.

3-Monitor Their Mobile Devices

Most of the parents don’t have enough time to keep an eye on their children’s activities as they are busy in their work. But now, it is the perfect time to monitor their devices like smartphones, tablets, or iPad.

When they are working or learning, ensure that they are taking notes and learning. Ask questions at the end of a lesson to know about their understanding. Moving on, if your child is not engaging properly during the lessons, then do check that the audio, internet connection, and the camera angle is perfect during the online classes.

4-Don’t Forget to Give Them Break

To keep your children active and fresh, you should give them breaks while studying. Set alarms for the break and let them take some fresh air or eat something in their break. If they want to ride a bicycle in their backyard, then don’t stop them. Physical activity is a must for your children.

5-Let Them Make Video Calls

Children might get upset and frustrated as they are not allowed to go out to meet their friends. Keeping this situation in mind, you should allow them to make video calls or chat with their friends on messages. With this, your children will not be socially isolated and you can even keep a proper check on them.

It is best to sit with your kid and discuss the time during which they will be using the devices. You can make a deal with them about the on-screen and off-screen hours.

6-Encourage Child to Read Books

We are living in a digital world. Everyone accesses the things online, the same is the case with the kids. But instead of giving them the devices to learn or read online, say them to read the textbooks or printable materials. It is best to have a discussion about the topic with your kids and let them do some creative writing to stay away from the devices.

7-Schedule Work Properly

Proper planning can help you to resolve any problems. As your kids make a weekly plan of their activities, ask them to mention their goals, tasks, and deadline just like adults when they are working.

8-You Are Not Alone Here!

Every parent is facing this situation, so it’s time to connect and help each other. As a parent, you should try to connect with other parents and inquire about what they are doing and share your tips as well. This is important for us to act as a community and help each other during this difficult time.

9-It’s Not Vacation Time

As your children are staying at home, tell them that they are not on vacation. All the things are going to be done at their respective time. They have to prepare for their tests, do their assignment, and other study-related activities to score good grades.

10-Don’t Miss the Fun

As parents are also at home so it is best to have some family time. Parents should think about some good activities that they can do with their kids. This will keep children happy and fresh. You can watch a TV show together, play chess, card games, and much more.

No Doubt-It’s Challenging Time

There is no doubt that we are living in a difficult situation but we can get out of this together. It is not easy for everyone to follow the new routine but with patience everything is possible. By following the above tips, parents can make at-home learning easy for their children.

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