Child Neglect Can Cause Death – Spread the Word, Take the Measures

Jan 25, 2016 | Parenting Advice

Child Neglect

What is your take on child abuse? Some of us might take it as physical abuse. Most of the parents raise voice against the child abuse, but they don’t realize they are doing the same with their kids, too. The emotional abuse and neglect also counts as child abuse which can have lasting impacts. In this era of rapid changes and number of challenges, we are ignoring the kids’ needs.

Don’t follow the myths

The biggest myth is that child abuse is sexual or physical harm to children; it’s not! Child neglect is much more. It includes ignoring child’s needs, leaving them unsupervised and letting them face the dangerous situations alone. And if we look from this perspective, we might be doing that to our kids. All of these things can leave the kid feeling worthless and alone. This emotional harm can push them towards substance abuse, alcohol, physical violence etc.

Have a look at the Infographic by PRAFULLA.NET showing the effects of abuse on different age groups and genders.



This infographic points that 60% of the victims of such abuse are boys. And shockingly, 80% deaths are due to the neglect. Child neglect is the inability to give ample time, supervision, protection, food and clothing to the kids. Busy routine and dedication towards our work can harm our kids. Not only physical needs, in fact, they need your presence in their lives the most. But these days when most of the parents are working, it’s not possible to stay with kids all the time but there are other, effective ways that can compensate for that: parental control apps.

What can parental apps do?

These apps can allow you to stay connected with the kids all the time. These apps can do wonders when it comes to staying in touch on what’s going in your children’s lives. You can check on their whereabouts, can see who they make friends with and control the media exposure from their phones. Most apps only let parents monitor their children but FamilyTime is different. We let you track, monitor and set parental controls on their phones. And the best part is that you can know instantly if and when your kids land in some trouble or danger. SOS alerts will notify you about your child’s current location and you can send them a message that you’re on your way with just a tap.

Put in effort – make it count!

The best present you can give your children is your presence. And even when you are away, FamilyTime can let your children feel that you’re with them at all times. Let us be your digital connection with your children so you can be happy and connected because happy families are better connected!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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