Can Children Be Affected By Coronavirus- Answers to Parents Frequently Asked Questions

Apr 22, 2020 | Parenting Advice

Coronavirus fear is increasing with every passing day. The total number of deaths around the world has crossed the 1 million mark a few days ago. Lockdown has been extended across the different countries and strict actions are taken against the people who are not following the rules.

Children are staying at home and they are hearing all about the coronavirus and they might have different questions about it. As a number of cases are surging, the parents also have questions in their mind that can their kid be affected with coronavirus?

In the following blog, we are going to look at the answers to some frequently asked questions. But remember that research on the coronavirus is still going on and there are many things that need to be answered:

1-Are children susceptible to catch coronavirus?

Yes, your child can be affected by the coronavirus. Your child can be a source to transmit the virus even if he or she is not showing any symptoms. Due to this reason, it is important for your children to follow social distancing rules, wash their hands even if they are not sick.

2-How coronavirus can affect the children?

As per the early research, it is believed that coronavirus will cause mild symptoms in the children. But the specific impacts according to the age will be clear in the coming days.

According to reports from China which was the epicenter of this virus, there were 2.4% identified cases in children less than 10 years old. From this percentage, a smaller number of children have severe symptoms. However, 2.5% was described as a very small portion by the World Health Organization (WHO). Still, more research is being done and a clear picture will emerge in the coming days.

3-Does coronavirus has a different effect on children?

The answer to this question is still unknown. According to Dr. Jay C Butler, Deputy Director of Infectious Disease at US Center for Disease Control and Prevention said in a live show that the phenomenon is very significant but still, the mechanism is unknown.

According to WHO, people at age of 60 or older with some health conditions are more vulnerable to this virus. This includes people with health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and chronic respiratory conditions.

A child with Health Condition-Should Parents Be Concerned?

As mentioned above the people with health conditions can be affected most from this virus. Note that respiratory conditions like asthma will result in severe cases of viral disease like influenza. But as coronavirus is new so it remains unknown whether it will affect the child with asthma condition or not.

Moving on, there is no clear evidence that children with diabetes will be affected by the coronavirus. But experts of John Hopkins University are warning parents to be careful.

Should Kids Stay at Home?

Yes, this is the best thing that can be done so far. In many countries around the globe, the schools are closed. This is done so that children can stay at home. But still, it is important for the children to follow all the health guidelines like washing hands with soap and water, practice social distancing when they go out, covering their mouth with an elbow when they sneeze or cough, and more to stay safe and keep others safe.


These were some of the questions that parents have in their minds. Hopefully, now they will have their answers. There is no doubt that still most of the information is missing. The research on coronavirus is still going on and organizations are trying their best to develop the vaccine. Until any breakthrough happens, taking care of your children and telling him or her about all the things to maintain good hygiene even at home is the best thing that parents can do in these difficult times.

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