Awesome Dad Cheat Sheet : Tips to Being a Great Dad

Jan 13, 2016 | Parenting 101

Tips to be a Great Dad

Being a dad is perhaps the most beautiful thing in the world and while dads might never show it but they are more sensitive about their children than the mothers. But there is one thing that every dad feels: the fear of messing it all up! That’s right fathers fear to fail and that’s when things start to get complicated. But don’t worry; we have compiled a cheat sheet for dads. Read on to know the very secret of being a great dad.

The Great-Dad Cheat Sheet

No dad is perfect and it’s absolutely natural to make mistakes. But if you’re a soon-to-be or a new dad, consider these tips. And hey, you can be a dad of grown-up kids and still consider these tips – never too late for a fresh start!

Let your imagination flow naturally

The first thing is to keep reminding yourself that fatherhood comes naturally! You don’t have to enroll yourself for any training program to qualify as father. So let your instincts guide you and it will all fall into its place. But hey, you don’t have to let your imagination run too wild- this wild:

Build good memories

Children only grow up once and you don’t want to miss out on anything! So try as much time you can spend with them and listen to all their stories! Nothing’s better than to relax and recoil with your kids after a hectic day’s work! Listening to them will not only make you feel relaxed but also lend you an insight about what they’re up to and what their inclinations are. This will strengthen your daddy bond and make your children open up to you more!

Don’t give up on humor

Dad jokes are the best! They’re so bad that they’re good! I know they can be anything close to funny but they play a huge part in our childhood. I still remember all my dad’s jokes and nothing’s like repeating them over and over- they still make you laugh! So, don’t try to be a little too serious and strict about house rules. Crack up a little and have fun with your kids. We’ve all walked into this one:

Give it a daddy-touch

Leave it to the moms to be all too strict, proper and fuss about manners. Dads can take the liberty to go a little creative. Plan activities with them and let them see the real world. Taking them camping and letting them handle tough situations can toughen them up – something the mothers will be too over-protective to think of! Try taking them with you to the bank or the workshop and let them see how the real world works.

Don’t be gone for too long

Your business or work should not keep you too busy to give proper time to your kids! Fathers can be absent even if they’re living with their children. A father’s presence is extremely important in your child’s formative years and there are always things that your kids will only discuss with you. So whatever you do, always take out time for your kids. Don’t be gone for too long!

Limit video games and TV

Moms fuss over it all the time – telling their kids to get off their phones and go play outside but then kids are kids! Take it on you to moderate how much media and screen time your kids have. Make meal times and study hours mobile-free. If they’re playing video games and watching TV too much, take a firm stance.  And if nothing works, better try some screen time control apps like FamilyTime and restrict their screen times during homework and dinner times. You children must see the fun and cool side but they must know that rules are rules and there is no getting away with that.

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