Are You a Geek Dad? Because They Make Way Cooler Dads!

Apr 12, 2016 | Parental Controls

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Remember that geeky guy from your high school with big spectacles, a slight stoop and a lost expression holding his Atari dear to him? Remember who you and your friends would mock at him while you were thinking of ways to impress every girl you could? Well chances are that he’s a way cooler dad than you are! Yeps, it’s official: geek dads are cooler than other dads and their kids love them big time!

The Generation Geek Dad

The generation of geek dads is on the rise these days and they are revolutionizing their families. These days, who were geeks in their youth, are now confident, intelligent and share they tech passion with their kids making them popular among their kids and friends! So if you’re a geek dad, your kids probably think that you’re cool and like to brag about it in front of their friends!

According to Cisco Home Business Networking survey, geek dads make better dads as they share their tech passion with their kids making home their favorite place to hang out!

So as compared to other dads, 75% of geek dads consider themselves cooler. They spend their time with their kids telling them how to use latest tech and say that they enjoy it greatly. 70% of them think that they’ve made their home a place their kids enjoy being at. They consider themselves to be confident and intelligent while 86% of them think they’re still kids at heart!

Are You a Geek Dad? Take the Test

So you might be thinking that alright, you own a pretty fancy laptop and you have an impressive home theatre system at home, too so perhaps you’re a geek dad, too. Qualifying as a geek dad isn’t that simple, you need to take this test. Read the following statements and see if they are true for you to check if you have what it takes to be a geek dad:

  • You took at least a day off from your office when Fallout 4 released.
  • W, A, S, D keys on your computer keyboard are won out.
  • You use a parental control app to keep tabs on your kids.
  • You see a cat on the road under a lamp post and your heart skips a beat.
  • You still own a PSP.
  • You love playing with your kid’s Lego set.
  • You have a Darth Vader tooth brush.

If the answer is yes to at least 4 of these statements, congrats, you’re a geek dad!

Why Geek Dads Are Cooler?

Geek dads make cool fathers because they keep kids better engaged. They introduce their kids to the latest tech and because they are with them, their kids get to use the tech in a safe environment. This interaction and the active involvement makes them better dads who are well informed about their kids’ interests and activities.

So even if you’re not a geek dad, you can still try being more involved with your children. Try different apps and share the interesting ones with them. You’d notice that your kids would open up with you and you’d feel more relaxed with them after a hectic day’s work. Let’s all be geek dads!

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