Anger Management for Parents : 5 Tips to be a Calm(er) Parent

Mar 2, 2016 | Parenting 101, Parenting Tips and advices

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Okay let’s face it: parenting can be exasperating! Kids can be pretty much a handful sometimes. Parents already have a lot on their plate – talk about the bills, expenses, household chores and the work pressure. One little tantrum your little one throws at you and you’re done! There you are, giving in to your frustration and blow it all up on your kids! Whoa! Stop right there; you need to calm down right away!

“Mom, calm down, will you?” does this sound all too familiar to you? And the worst part is that we feel infuriated even more when our children ask us to relax. This word, relax, makes us feel as if we’re out of our minds or something. Stingy as it may sound, we know our kids are right. We’re most probably getting too emotional probably and need to vent out.

So if you catch yourself getting irritated all too soon over little things and give in to screaming at your kids, you definitely need to calm down! You can cringe at the word but that’s a fact.

5 Signs of Parenting Outburst

You’re probably taking it all too seriously if you find yourself doing these:

  1. Snapping at your kids and cutting them mid-sentence
  2. Gritting your teeth at them too often and too soon
  3. Telling them to go to their room all too quickly
  4. Jumping to conclusions before they can explain themselves
  5. Blaming yourself for being an awful parent all the time

Calm Parenting – 5 Things to Practice

We all know it’s hard to keep our temper when it’s just half hour before dinner time and your child has spilled juice all over the carpet or when your kid won’t concentrate on homework and you have the laundry to take care of too. It doesn’t stop even when your kids grow up. Falling grades, refusing to put down their mobile devices and listen to you or not going to sleep early can easily work you up. But you need to pull your act together and harness your temper for good. But how? Easy; just practice these 5 things and notice a visible difference in your temper.

1.      Learn to Let it Go!









Remember that catchy Frozen song? Yes, we all need to learn to let it go! When your kids become handful; remind yourself to take it easy and don’t panic. Kids can be a little difficult to handle but you just don’t need to let it wire you up. Stop taking everything too seriously and let it just go!

2.      Voice Out Your Emotions

giphy (1)






Being vocal about your emotions can be pretty cathartic and can also make your children understand you better. Rather than getting angry and blowing it up on your kids, try telling that you’re really getting annoyed by their tantrum and they might probably stop in their tracks. Most of the times, kids throw tantrums when they want to get attention. But when they see what’s coming, they will probably behave themselves.

3.      Get Parental Controls

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Now that may be the best remedy to be a calmer parent. Parental controls can be real fun and let you control your children without having to shout at them. They won’t put their phones down and finally do their homework? They wouldn’t listen to you and keep watching that video on their phones on dinner table? No way they would sleep and keep browsing 9Gag all night? Don’t lose temper and use these parental controls to limit screen time during homework, dinner and bed time. They will eventually understand that you mean what you say.

4.      Let Logic Lead

giphy (3)









Don’t let your emotions sit in the driving seat. Let the logic take control: when your kids give you a hard time, don’t let the emotions take over. Breathe in and breath out and ask your kids what’s really bothering them? Are they hungry, they want to have something or are they simply bored? Sometimes kids can become irritable because of something you said or did earlier that they didn’t like. Talk it out and you probably end up understanding them better.

5.      Humor it all up!

giphy (4)









When nothing seems to work and you find your nerves getting taut; take refuge in humor! They say laughter is the best remedy and it can also help you from getting and and your kids to stop being a little devil. When your kids insist on going to a friend’s for slumber party just days before their exams and won’t budge, try being funny about it. Conjure funny situations or simply be funny and mimic cartoon character. For instance, you can tell them that one more argument about it and you’d become the Incredible Hulk and they won’t like it when you’re angry! Changing it to a fun situation can really help you stay calm!

Stay Positive; Stay Calm!

It’s time to let all the negative emotions leave you so you can stay positive and enjoy family time better. Do yourself a favor and keep calm because the calmer you are; the better you can take care of your family!


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