Android Parental Tip#3: Watchlist Suspicious Contacts On Your Teen’s Phone!

Aug 28, 2015 | Parental Controls for Android


Does your teen leave the room every time he/she receives a call? Do they feel uncomfortable every time you walk in on them talking to someone? Are you sure they don’t contact anyone they aren’t supposed to? Are they being blackjacked by some stranger? These questions are not meant to freak you out, but every parent should have a clear sight of all of them. The parents who don’t have the answer to all these questions want to have them. You like every other parent would have your own ways to monitor your child, but let’s face it- your teens can easily outwit the old school ways of parenting. They have so many ways to do that, one of which is the technology. But this is not a problem anymore because the same technology has now been tailored to empower you. Become tech-savvy parent with one-touch monitoring.

One-Touch Monitoring!

Becoming tech-savvy parent is no rocket science. It is actually very easy. You might have heard about parental monitoring apps, parents these days are using them for a lot of reasons, i.e. to track their kid’s location, to monitor their online activities, etc. But an Android based app which can do more than just monitoring is FamilyTime. You can use this app to view all the contacts saved in your teen’s phone along with other details saved with them like emails.  You can also view their call-logs to see who they talk to and for how long. A very interesting feature, part of this app is Watchlist contacts:

Watchlist Contacts:

You can add any suspicious contact to the Watchlist, and receive push notifications every time your child receives or makes a call to it. This feature can help you stay posted on when your child connects with the people you have told them not to. Also, while monitoring their call-logs if you see numerous calls from an unsaved number which last only for a few seconds, watch out for it. There is a high chance your teen might be being blackmailed or bullied. After adding the number to the Watchlist if you get alerts numerous times a day from that number, you should talk to your teen about it.

Don’t be blind to your teen’s circle

You might remember the famous quote “A man is known by the company he keeps”. Who your teens talk to plays a great role in the kind of person they will grow up to be. As a parent, your duty not does not end on keeping them safe online and offline, but you should also keep them away from the bad company. You can know a great deal about who their friends are by monitoring their call-logs and contacts. Love, support and try to keep them safe at every step of their life. Good luck raising teens!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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