Feb 24, 2018 | Parenting Advice

It is not surprising that many parents in the world have decided to give a smartphone to their kids at an early age to stay connected with them. In December 2015 the search ‘mobile for children’ reached the highest point in its history in Google.

Many children around the age of ten have no problem handling their mobile devices. However, there are many dangers in social networks and the digital environment that a child is not aware of avoiding but, for this reason, we should not remove or deprive our child of the technology. As a solution, we present some useful tips for parents to help their kids make a proper use of their new Smartphone.

1. Give Example

The human by nature learns the first years of life by repeating what they see in their environment, and who is closer to them than their own parents? So, give the example of a proper use of the cell phone as it is essential for your child to learn to use it.

If you are one of those who normally spend time with your child ‘tucked’ in your cell phone, your child will do exactly the same. Take care, at least when you are with your child: during meals, in the park and the time that helps them do their homework. Put aside your device, just like your child’s, and devote all their attention to the conversation or the game.

2. Common understanding and patience

Whether we like it or not, technology is part of everyday life today, so it is almost impossible to banish it from our lives or from our children’s. So doing a 24 hour check is both unnecessary and complicated.

As in everything, common sense and patience will be fundamental. Becoming a ‘tyrant’ will not lead to anything, allowing a little personal relaxation is also necessary from time to time.

When a proper explanation of the dangers of the network and the consequences of these is made, the child will be more aware of its use.

3. Create an Atmosphere of Complicity

Establish the rules, keep trust and communicate; these are the keys. You must give your child the security of being able to communicate with you when making mistakes, seeing or trying curious things both on the web and in life.

Remember that there is no better teacher than a bad experience in life and surely with your accompaniment, the errors will not be relevant and without many repercussions.

4. Set Schedules

Not only so that the smartphone is not used during school hours or in extracurricular activities, but also when it is time to sleep. According to Charles A. Czeisler, one of the leading experts in sleep medicine, “there is evidence that teenagers sleep half an hour less for each digital device they have in the bedroom. This is not only due to exposure to light, but also because of games, telephone interruptions after bedtime or text messages that awaken.” So, manage their screen time with FamilyTime’s screen time limit features and make their screen time healthy.

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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