A Special Treat on Thanksgiving: Get 25% off On FamilyTime Premium

Nov 18, 2016 | Parental Controls, Parental Controls for Android, Parental Controls for iOS


The most awaited family holiday is arriving soon. People are stocking up their kitchens and making plans for a fun and festive thanksgiving weekend. Some travel to their family vacation homes and some are the host themselves. What are your plans?

To get into the grateful spirit of the occasion, we offer you a full 25% off on FamilyTime premium app. Now you can protect your kids in a better way, that too at an amazing discount!

Put the Devices to Rest

Make sure that the Thanksgiving dinner and its excitement doesn’t get dampened by constant beeping and phone checking. This is the day you want to spend with your kids, eating yummy food and playing games, instead of watching your kids engrossed in their phones and tablets. FamilyTime has screen time limits that allow you to digitally lock their devices so that you can spend some uninterrupted time with them. You can also block their mobile apps to keep the distractions away.

See how to limit screen time on iOS and Android devices.

Keep an Eye on Them

Going to parades, walking around and playing soccer after the dinner is also a ritual of this day. Teens also love to spend some time on their own. You can let the cousins and friends have fun and keep an eye on them with the help of Geofence places and panic alerts.

We support uninterrupted and device-free family time and we care for you that is why we have a 25% discount to a premium support and care of FamilyTime.

Don’t Be Late!

This is an amazing chance to get unlimited monitoring and supervising facilities along with ultimate customer support. Don’t be late to avail it!


Enter this discount code: LUCKY25 to get the 25% discount now or just click here. The offer will end on November 20th. Hurry up!


Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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