A Helpful Guide for Parents to Make Coronavirus Lockdown Fun for Your Kids

Apr 26, 2020 | Parenting Advice

Children will get bored and might get frustrated as they are staying at home. There are no major activities for them other than using their digital devices to spend the time. Most of the parents are also staying at home and they will be busy with their own work.

In this situation, how can parents make the coronavirus lockdown fun for their kids? Below are the ways and tips that will help parents to make the situation better for their kids during the lockdown:

1-Set Up Suitable Playtime

As schools are closed and children have to stay inside their house. It will be best for parents to set suitable playtime for the children so that they can relax. In this way, parents can also do their work without disturbance and this will keep them busy. If your child loves to play with certain toys, loves to draw, or anything else, let them do. This is better than using digital devices. But parents need to ensure that the area on which they are playing should be cleaned. Keep an eye on your child.

2-Enroll Them in Online Classes

It is important for parents to understand their kid’s hobbies and interests. This is the perfect time to polish their skills if any. Parents should enroll their children in online classes related to art and craft, music, drawing, and more according to their interest. In this way, your child can use the time in a smart way and can learn new things. Furthermore, to keep your child healthy while staying indoor, you can enroll them in the online fitness classes that are specially designed for the kids.

3-Provide Your Kid A Creative Space

Parents should consider setting up creative space for their kids. They should provide the kids with a lot of tapes, glue, kid-friendly scissors, craft kits, and much more. You should ask your children to design new things every day using the supplies. This will help them to think creatively and will improve their skills. Another thing that parents can do is to make a list of indoor activities and a list of art & craft for the entire week in advance for keeping children occupied.

4-Let Them Use Technology

It’s okay to allow your kids to play some video games or let them watch their favorite TV shows or movies. But there should be a certain time for these activities. Parents should let their kids use technology and should tell them about the pros and cons. As your kids are not able to play with their friends, so they interact with their friends on video calls. In addition to this, to reduce the screen time of your kids, you can use parental control for keeping track of their online activities.

5-Engage Them in Household Work

Kids are free so this is the best time to tell about the household work as well. You can engage them in your household work to get the work done soon. Involve them in cleaning, cooking, and other tasks so that they can stay away from digital devices.

Additional Tips For You

Hopefully, the above-mentioned ways will help parents to engage their kids in a better way. Other than this, below tips will help parents to work from home with ease even with the kids:

1-Parents are also staying at home. They are also worried about finishing their work on time. Work from home will not be easy for most of the parents due to their young kids. In this scenario, parents should finish up a large portion of their work when their children are sleeping. You can do all the work that requires full concentration or the meeting during this time to avoid the disturbance.

2-Your children also deserve your attention. The young ones might think that these are holidays as schools are closed and parents are also staying at home. Due to this, they want you to play with them. Take out some time for your children. Parents should play with their kids during the break time or before starting the work. Different activities can be done to keep them busy.

3- Proper planning is very much important. You should make a schedule for yourself and for your kids as well. Set time for them to play and study. You can change the schedule during the weekends. Furthermore, you can also allow them to make their own schedule.

4-As parents have to work from home, they should set up their workspace in an isolated room to stay away from the sound of kids playing. Tell your kid not to come close to that particular room during the working hours.

5-Don’t forget to have regular communication with your kids. As your kids are listening about the COVID-19, answer all their questions to end all their confusion. Tell them why they and you are staying at home.

6-As no one knows when the situation will get better. This is the time to train your kids to play alone. In this way, they don’t have to look for a company or will not ask you to play with them all the time. This approach will make them confident and they will be able to focus on the work in a better way.

7-Don’t forget to take a break to have a communication or quick playing with your kids. Take breaks to watch the activities of your child. Show some affection to them, this will help them to build confidence and self-esteem.

Plan Well and Understand Your Child

This is the perfect time for parents to know your children’s interests and plan things accordingly. It will not be easy for the parents to manage things by staying at home but nothing is impossible. Proper planning is a must to get the work done and communicate with your kids properly. Most importantly, don’t forget to love your kid because this is the key to all the things.

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