A Dad Received $6,593 Bill From Her Daughter’s Mobile Gaming; You Don’t Want That to Happen!

Aug 26, 2016 | Parental Controls for iOS, Parenting Teens


Those numbers are quite a shocker, aren’t they? I know my heart skipped a few beats when I heard this. It is true, a dad was charged with this heavy bill because his daughter accidentally made some purchases while playing Jurassic World. Well, it literally cost him a fortune.

Mobile gaming is booming among tweens and teens. Most kids have their own smartphones by the age of 11 and the toddlers are not behind at all, they use their parent’s. Kids love to play games and with their independent phones, there are no hurdles at all. Quite different from our times when playing games meant soccer or play date after school and Xbox sounded like a dream. Nowadays, it’s not even an Xbox or a PlayStation they need, just a little handy thing called a smartphone can do the magic.

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Upgrades: Not Very Uplifting For Parents

Most of the games are available for free, but as the levels increase there comes the need to upgrade. Coins are needed to upgrade a coffee machine in the kitchen your kid might be a chef at or expand a virtual farm. These coins can be bought. Kids are engrossed in the game and want nothing but to reach the next level. Little do they know that these coins are actual coins or more precisely dollars being charged from Daddy’s or Mommy’s bank accounts!

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Thinking About What to Do? Try This:

If you are thinking about taking those phones away, take a breath because there is a better solution. With FamilyTime you can put a stop to In-App purchases on their iOS devices with a single click. The games can keep prompting for upgrades or more coins, but FamilyTime won’t let that happen. Isn’t it more convenient? This way your kids can have all the fun they want and you can save yourself the accidental or otherwise app purchases which can empty your banks.

How to do it:

The App Blocker in the Settings menu is your key. Disable the In-App purchases and forget your worries.

The charm doesn’t end here, there is more to the App Blocking feature. You can also disable:

  • System Apps: Camera, Siri, and Safari
  • iTunes Store
  • App installation
  • 3rd party apps

So, don’t worry about your kids getting addicted to games, distracted by social media or the infamous selfie obsession. FamilyTime has all the bases covered. Block them or disable them temporarily.

link=”http://familytime.io/kb/features/how-to-setup-use-content-filters-on-ios-devices.html”]Full guide to set up/ use content filters on iOS devices[/button]

FamilyTime – Your Magic Wand

I can hear you taking that sigh of relief. You should be because you just found the magic wand that can grant you all your parenting wishes. What are you waiting for then? Get this app today or if you are already our family member change this setting to stop worrying about your credit card getting declined!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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