3 Tips To Ensure Your Teens End Their Summer Vacations With a Bang

Jul 23, 2015 | Parenting 101


Summer lives in every child’s imagination throughout the year; it is like a refresh button for the whole year. Teens love summer, the school is out, which means they get to spend more time with their friends and family and have fun. They make plans for their summer vacations all year, and with teens graduating high school; a whole new life is starting, new experiences, new responsibilities you might not get to spend next summer with them.

Even if your teen is graduating or has a few years to spare, make this summer the best of their lives because, this time will never come back. Teens tend to get very adventurous; and in their age, they constantly want to be doing something fun. Although you have spent most of the summer planning activities for them, you still see them glued to their smart phones and otherwise saying, “mom/dad I’m bored.” Frustrating, isn’t it? You’ve set them to summer camp, you’ve let them go to the movies with their friends, and you have even taken them to water parks. But 2 or 3 days at home and they’re bored… again!

Ideas for a fun summer

Don’t get all frustrated and cranky on hearing the same thing again and again, there are still a lot of things you can do to make sure your teens have the best time of their lives. Here are a few things you can do in the remaining days:

Take them camping

What’s better than some family time with Mother Nature. The best way to revive the summer spirit is to take your teens camping; decide a place – an open field or a camp site, set up a tent and start roasting those marshmallows. Make sure you have the needed gear, also try to set up camp by a lake for some quiet time, so that you and your family can go swimming any time you want. Swimming and camping; what’s not to love?

Let them have sleep overs

Teens love to spend time with their friends, even more than that they love sleep overs. If you don’t have time to engage in a fun activity with your kids and yet want them to have fun; just go up to them and say, “Hey, why don’t you have a sleep over at your friends place or invite them over?” Instant smiles on their faces; they have fun and you get to be the super cool parent. But only do this if you trust their friends and his/her family, know their address and phone number and keep in touch all the time.

Ask them to make a scrapbook

Buy them several disposable cameras at the beginning (even now is a good time) of summer and encourage your teen to carry them around with him/her. Take a few pictures with them instead of selfies, when they go out with their friends, or do anything fun. Then ask them to make a scrapbook of those pictures, give them what they want for decoration to get started. Let them spend some time doing something productive and fun.

Fun and safety go hand in hand

Parents want their kids to live their life to the fullest, but in the safest way possible. But teens are teens, they tend to get reckless and adventurous. Without adult supervision, especially during this time of the year, they can get themselves into trouble. Sure you don’t want to leave them unsupervised, but that is not always possible, especially if both parents are out working. But there’s a solution for everything. Plan ahead with your teen about their activities and use parental monitoring apps to make sure they are safe while having fun. Let them live their teen years in the fullest and safest possible way!

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