10 Tips to Keep Your Child Safe and Informed about Coronavirus

Apr 1, 2020 | Parenting Advice

Coronavirus is spreading all over the world. Talking about it is not easy because this has brought fear and uncertainty all over the world. People should stay inside their homes to prevent the spread of coronavirus. 

Every adult is talking about it, it is on social media, in news, and even on the internet. There is no way that your child is not listening about it. It is important for parents to inform their children about this before they start to ask different questions. 

Wondering, how parents should handle this? To help you out, we are going to provide you the ten tips as follows:

1-Tell Them Yourself-Don’t Wait 

Today kids are very much smart. Whenever they want to know about anything, they directly question parents, teachers, or their elder siblings. Most importantly, they have tablets and smartphones to search the information on the internet. As coronavirus is everywhere so it is not possible that your kid will not be aware of it. 

Note that some kids are shy and they get afraid of things easily. So, it is best for the parents to act as a source of information for their kids. They should communicate with them and should inform them all instead of waiting that their kid will come to them. Don’t ignore the conversation. Do it as soon as possible. 

2-Ask Questions from Your Kids 

Every parent wants to ensure that their kid should be protected and they should not worry about anything. It is best for the parents to have a little conversation with their kids and ask questions to start the conversation. Some of the possible questions that parents can ask are as follows:

  • People are talking about the coronavirus. What have you heard about it?
  • What are your thoughts on this?
  • What are your feelings?
  • Do you have any questions?

With these questions, you can easily analyze the amount of information they have in their mind. In this way, you can also correct any misinformation in their mind during the conversation. It is important for parents to clear all their points. 

3-Provide Useful and Simple Information 

There is a lot of information circling around. Parents should provide information that is simple, clear, and useful. There is no need to tell all the headlines or news about the coronavirus to your kids. The conversation should be positive and parents should try to answer all their questions in a positive way. 

For instance, if your child says that there is no vaccine for this virus, then the parent’s answer should be that medical experts are working on it and it will be developed soon. By talking to your kids, you can easily eliminate all their worries and misinformation they have regarding coronavirus. 

4- Let Kids Share their Concerns

Just like adults, children will also have a concern about this pandemic. There is no need to suppress their concerns instead let them speak. They will have a certain feeling about the problem and will have a question in their mind. Parents should try to answer all of their questions. Instead of saying that they don’t have to worry, encourage them to share their feelings with you. 

5-Tell Them Everything Being Done for Their Safety 

Even adults can get frustrated when they are not allowed to go out or hang out with their friends. So, what are you expecting from your kids? They will be more frustrated than anybody else in your house. The important thing is that you should tell them everything that is being done to keep them safe from the virus. 

Parents can say the following things to their kids:

  • We know that people can catch this virus but we also know how to stay safe from it. 
  • We don’t know much about the virus but with the passage of time, we are learning about it.
  • It is good to cover your mouth when you are coughing or sneezing. 

6-Let Your Kid Make Healthy Choices

We all know that precaution is better than treatment. So far, all the health authorities are focusing on improving your personal hygiene to stay safe. It is best for the parents to tell their kids about important precautions like washing hands frequently for 20 seconds with water and soap. Set a washing routine of your child along with yourself to practice it in your house. 

This will help your kid to be active and follow the instruction for keeping them safe. Tell them about all other safety measures so that they can make them part of your habit to stay protected. 

7- Try to Follow Your Normal Routine

It is a fact that we have to stay at home for our safety but parents should try their best to follow the normal routine. Just like the previous days, parents should spend some time with their kids, watch a movie, play games, or cook together. 

On normal days, your kid will talk to their friends, so let them make as many video calls for talking to their friends or other family relatives at home. This will help them to stay relaxed instead of getting frustrated. 

8-Set A Timetable at Your Home

As schools are closed so kids at home get bored easily. Parents might be wondering how to handle this situation? For this, parents should set a timetable in their house. It will be difficult for working parents as they will be sitting in front of a computer screen at home but still, they should take out some time for their children. 

Plan a schedule where you and your kids will do different kinds of activities at home. Include a playing time in it so that your children can be happy and feel relaxed. Do give them some extra time so that they are happy and don’t get upset while staying at home. 

9-Be A Trustworthy Source of Information 

To guide your kid in the right direction, it is important for the parents to stay updated about the information. In this way, they will be able to answer the question of their children. 

10-Stay Updated 

The situation is changing with every passing day. It is important for the parents to stay updated so that they can answer the new questions of their kids that rise in their minds with the situation. It is best to follow up and know what your child thinks and feels about the situation.

Over to You

These were the 10 tips that can help parents to ensure that the children stay safe and have no misinformation about the spread of coronavirus. 

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