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Six New Year Parenting Resolutions That You Actually Want To Take Up!

As 2017 is approaching have you thought about your resolutions yet? Take some time out to reflect upon what went right and what stressed you out this past year. Kids grow fast and parents have to keep evolving with them too. They have to strike a balance between being parents, working and managing the household. […]

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Can-Your-Teens-Live-Without-Smartphones (1)

Can Your Kids Survive Without Smartphones?

Dave Haywood a teacher in the Back Hills High School, challenged his students to give up their smartphones for some time. Most of the students said no. That is what every teenager would do. Who can stay away from their gadgets these days? Think about it for a minute. Pretty difficult right? Addicted to smartphones […]

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Digital Dementia is a Thing Now and Your Kids Might be Suffering from It

When you think about dementia, you say it’s a mental disorder among old people; something that the grandpa has. Thanks to all things digital, we now have a thing called Digital Dementia and kids as young as 10 are suffering from it. According to Alzheimers.net,  “Digital Dementia”, is a term coined by top German neuroscientist Manfred […]

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45% UK Teens Check Their Mobiles After Bed Time – FamilyTime has a Perfect Solution

BBC reports that almost half of the teens in UK check their mobile devices after they have gone to bed. And it’s not just as simple as that, they admit to check them at least 10 times for notifications! So if you’re annoyed already seeing them using their mobile devices all day long, get used […]

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Fun Spring Activities for Your Kids

5 Digital Rules for Your Family

Ever since each child got a private mp3 player and then a cell phone; things started to get complicated. Family time started shrinking and there has been a big emphasis on privacy. Now it seems almost impossible to get children off their devices – video games, smartphones, tablets, laptops and what not. But before the […]

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