Digital Detox – Help Your Kids Unplug and Enjoy the True Beauty of Life!

Sep 23, 2022 | Parenting Tips and advices

Technology has had a tremendous impact on our lives. We are so dependent on technology that life without it seems impossible now. We set alarms on digital devices to wake us up in the morning and use medicated pillows to help us sleep well at night. While the positive impact of technological advancement is immense, we cannot discard its ugly ramifications. 

As parents, it is wiser to weigh the dependence on technology and its toxic impacts on our (kids’) lives. A digital detox seems like a plausible solution that can balance our chaotic routines, and a parental control app like FamilyTime can be of great help. Let’s explore what digital detox is all about; and how it can help your kids unplug.

What is Digital Detox?

Detox means simply breaking away from unhealthy practices for a specific number of hours or days. So, a digital detox means putting away technological devices and enjoying the true beauty of life. The benefits of digital detoxification are a lot more profound when you do it together as a family. It helps strengthen the familial bond and reduces the possibility of tech addiction. If you’ve never considered a digital detox, contemplate its numerous benefits and try it for once. Who knows, kids might love it! 

What are the Benefits?

One of the most significant advantages of doing a digital detox is to analyze if excessive technology usage (or dependence) prevents kids from enjoying their life to the fullest. Food for thought, eh?

The outcomes of a proper tech detox can be far-reaching. It can help kids become more focused and productive, improve sleep quality, deepen relationships, and more. With that in mind, let’s look at some of these benefits in detail.

  • Better Focus & Improved Productivity

The frequent buzzing and notifications distract kids from their tasks and break away their focus. So, it is safe to say that screens reduce our attention span. A well-done digital detox helps us pay attention to our surroundings. It allows us to prioritize tasks and re-evaluate our relationships with family and friends.

  • Deeper/Stronger Relationships

Breaking away from technology might feel challenging at first (especially for kids). But once you get used to it, you may want to make it an essential part of your life. Why? Because putting away screens and getting away from distracting technological devices allows us to be more attentive to the people around us. It helps us see them in a new light. 

Going through a tech detox with family or friends helps deepen our relationships because we get a chance to communicate in person. Talking to each other (or as a group) allows us to learn more about each other. 

  • Resolves Behavioral Issues

Though social media promises an extensive network of connections, the sad reality is that people (including young kids who frequent social media) are becoming lonelier than ever. The pressure to fit in and be popular or well-liked puts kids through a roller coaster of emotions and stress. 

To counter all this negativity and extreme stress, parents must take the lead and show their kids the imperfections of the world. Realizing that we don’t have to fit into the standards defined by the digital world helps boost morale and promotes empathy.  

  • Destressing  

Leading a digital life can be quite stressful. The smartphone alarm wakes us up. We check our emails or social media while having breakfast. Most of us stare at screens all day (even at school or work). We take breaks by sifting through social media and end our day by watching favorite shows at dinner. That is a typical day for pretty much everyone nowadays. A digital detox can help you relax and get you out of the rut of the modern circle of life.

If you are willing to try it and don’t know where to begin, we have a few ideas for you to try.

How to Implement Digital Detox Successfully?

Getting away from technology can also help you and your kids destress. A proper digital detox means waking up the old-fashioned way and spending your day with nature as much as possible. Going for a walk in the park or hiking up a short trail allows us to connect with nature. Reading a good book, doing yoga, meditation, or some other form of exercise can also help you break away from the lure of technology.

Here are some tips you can try with your kids to get away from the bustling digital life. 

  • Unplug with Outdoor Activities

Plan together with your kids. It helps you ensure that everyone is on the same page. You can plan day trips for any activity you enjoy, like camping, fishing, hiking, road trip, etc. Before beginning your detox, gather all devices in a single spot. Turn them off, or put them on silent mode to discourage people from using them. You can begin by planning such activities once or twice a month to create a successful and enjoyable detox routine.

  • Create A Detox Routine

Once you begin planning such activities, the key is to be consistent. Make sure to get away from the hectic life and give yourselves a break from technology to experience the true beauty of life. If putting away addictive screens seems impossible, you can get some help from parental control apps like FamilyTime.

  • Use A Parental Control App

Technology is addictive. However, it can also help you put your screens away. Parental control apps, such as FamilyTime, offer screen time limiting features that help set you free. 

FamilyTime’s Screen Time Limit service enables parents to reduce screen time for kids, thus making their devices inaccessible. Doing so diminishes the temptation to pick up digital devices. Therefore, it helps aid your digital detox. 

That is fascinating, no? If you are thoroughly intrigued, check out the whole list of amazing features FamilyTime has to offer. Sign up, sit back, and relax!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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