Cybercrime and Internet Safety – 3 Effective Ways to Protect Kids Online

Aug 5, 2022 | Parental Controls

Modern-day kids rely heavily on the internet and technology for their daily activities. Sadly, most apps are not designed with kids’ digital wellness and protection in mind. With cybercrime on the rise, parents’ tenacity to monitor their kids’ activities is paramount for their internet safety.

But what exactly is cybercrime, and how does it compromise kids’ internet safety? Let’s find out.

Cybercrime & Its Impact on Kids’ Internet Safety

When criminals use the internet as a means to commit a crime, it is called cybercrime. There are many forms of cybercrime – from identity theft to hacking bank accounts to phishing, and so on. 

Kids are more vulnerable to such attacks in comparison to adults. They are likely to download malware without noticing or oversharing personal information online. More often than not, kids are ignorant of various digital threats and their dire consequences. The only way to rectify such behavior is by educating kids about internet safety and establishing some rules for safe technology usage.

Effective Ways to Protect Kids Online

Keeping kids safe online does not mean parents should prohibit kids from using technology or the internet altogether. Instead, they must take precautionary measures to ensure their kids stay safe online. 

Here are three effective ways to protect kids against cybercrime and ensure their kids’ internet safety.

  • Educate Kids About Digital Safety & Cybercrime

Knowing is half the battle, so educate your kids about online safety. Parents can be the best source of information for their kids. However, they (themselves) must know about the digital threats that loom over their kids online. Conversations about cybercrimes and internet safety must begin while kids are young but old enough to comprehend the gist of the situation. 

You can begin talking to your kids about issues like cyberbullying, racial bias, identity theft, phishing attacks, online grooming, oversharing personal info, digital piracy, etc. Tell them why they must not engage in such activities themselves. Warn your kids about the ugly consequences, and encourage them to tell you if they experience any of these online. 

Moreover, parents must motivate their kids to read the privacy policies of social media platforms they use (or want to use). Doing so allows kids to heed some warning signs and alerts them of potential harm. 

The next logical step for parents is establishing digital safety rules around the house.  

  • Establish Internet Safety Rules

It may seem like a monumentally daunting task to accomplish for digital immigrants (parents). Nonetheless, establishing some ground rules is vital for kids’ online safety. Keeping social media accounts “private” instead of “public” also helps. Parents must help their kids set strong passwords for their accounts to avoid getting hacked.

Most Android and iOS devices come with built-in basic security features that can help parents in this matter. Features like screen time limit, restricting access to content/website, etc., allow parents to keep their kids away from inappropriate usage of devices and the internet.

In addition to internet safety rules, parents must always know what their kids do online.

  • Know What Kids Do Online

Parents can design a digital corner for themselves and their kids in the house. How can a digital corner help? It serves multiple purposes and depicts a win-win situation. 

Firstly, parents can lead by example and use their devices only in that area. That will help kids develop healthy digital habits early on by following in their parent’s footsteps. 

Secondly, it is the easiest way to monitor what your kids do online. Parents can casually keep an eye on their kids or, better yet, join them and have fun together. 

The third benefit is that kids stay on their best behavior since their parents are around.

Many parents detest the idea of becoming helicopter parents or breaching their kids’ privacy. But the question remains, how to protect kids from cybercrime and ensure their internet safety? The answer lies in parental control apps, such as FamilyTime.  

How Can FamilyTime Ensure Kids’ Internet Safety?

FamilyTime is a renowned parental control software. It is popular in the parental community for providing impeccable safety features, such as:

Internet Filter – It allows parents to block content and websites that are inappropriate or unsafe for their kids.

Internet Schedule – Parents can assign specific durations for their kids’ internet access. For instance, parents can schedule internet access timings according to their choice if they want kids to access the internet only in their presence or before bedtime.

App Blocker – It enables parents to block apps that seem unsuitable for their kids.

These features only provide a sneak peek into its full potential. FamilyTime is a dynamic solution for kids’ internet safety and protects them against threats of cybercrime. It offers services like SOS/Panic button, call & text message monitoring, contact watchlist, and more. In simpler words, it keeps kids safe online and offline. Want to know more? Sign up and see for yourself.

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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