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Curious Kids on the Internet – Tips for Parental Monitoring and Control

Kids are naturally curious. They are at an age where they are learning new things every day. They ask questions and find answers. This is also an age where they are driven by impulse. They don’t think rationally and often take risks. Same thing happens when they go on the internet. Nowadays, they have their […]

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Teen Recruitment by ISIS, A Rising Concern for Parents!

Teenagers are leaving everything behind to join ISIS an extremist group that has disturbed the peace of the whole world. Now they are targeting young children to join the forces and become “Jihadists”. It is a gruesome matter, but certainly needs to be addressed as the internet is the main medium of their access to […]

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Ahoy Parents! Look What Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Are Up To: An Internet Security Team!

You heard that right! Digital surveillance is used in the Jolie and Pitt household as well! The stars have a security team to monitor and control their kids’ online activity. They say that they are not very tech savvy but, their kids are.  They know the dangers that kids can face online and that is […]

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