5 Best Back-to-school Apps for Android to iPhone Devices

Aug 12, 2022 | Teens' Perspective and Reseearch

5 Best Back-to-school Apps for Android to iPhone Devices

The transition from a fun-imbued vacation to the classroom is often difficult for kids after the long summer break. Are your kids stressed by the idea of restarting their school routine? If that is a yes, here are some of the best back-to-school apps for Android to iPhone devices that can help. 

Top 5 Back-to-School Apps for Kids 

Who says learning cannot be fun? Kids can dust the cobwebs of the learning parts of the brain while becoming more focused and organized. What’s more? The apps we’ve picked work with both Android and iPhones devices, which means you can easily manage them using parental controls from Android to iPhone. Let’s dive in and look at what these apps have to offer.

1. MyHomework Student Planner

One of the perks of living in the digital age is that we no longer have to carry around bulky planners. Kids carry heavy school bags filled with school supplies and books. Why add more weight on top of all that? myHomework Student Planner is a brilliant back-to-school app that allows kids to keep track of their homework assignments, school exams, progress reports, and more. Another added benefit is that parents can link it to their accounts and keep an eye on their kids’ progress. It is a thoughtful way of helping your kids get more organized.

2. IXL Math

IXL is a very popular school resource used by over 400,000 students and teachers all over the world. It is a personalized learning platform that aligns the Math and English curriculum for kids ages 4 to 18. Kids can learn at their pace using adaptive learning techniques and questions according to their learning abilities. The teachers or parents can adjust the difficulty level of questions for kids, view overall progress, and improve kids’ skills with practice.

3. Natural Reader

When it comes to learning, we cannot use the one-size-fits-all technique. All kids are different and possess varying learning abilities. Some kids require a combination of audio and visual aids to learn efficiently. Natural Reader is an excellent back-to-school resource that can help parents, teachers, and kids alike. It allows kids to turn their books, papers, assignments, and any other school material into audio files. They can upload the document in the app after scanning it with the device’s camera and read along while listening to the audio version.

4. Edmodo

Edmodo is like Facebook for kids, teachers, and parents. It is a social-integrated learning platform designed to help kids, teachers, and parents connect in an educational environment. Teachers can use it to conduct class quizzes in real-time, assign and assess students’ assignments, share homework, grades, or notices, etc. On the other hand, parents can log in and view their kids’ progress and see all the updates and communication, etc. Edmodo is a safe platform for kids to use because kids and parents can only join in with the code provided by their teachers. 

5. GoNoodle

Living in the era of digital screens, kids prefer playing on their Android and iPhone devices instead of going outside. GoNoodle is on a mission to get your kids to move around instead of staying glued to the couch. The app offers a range of activities that require kids to move while they learn. It can help your kids have fun, learn, and enhance their spatial awareness simultaneously. GoNoodle includes a plethora of customizable activities based on age, available space, etc.

A Few Honorable Mentions

  • KnowBullying is another back-to-school app that helps raise awareness in kids about bullying. It allows parents to educate their kids on how to deal with it, its ramifications, etc. 
  • Duolingo is another awesome resource that continues to gain popularity among kids and adults alike. It is an excellent tool for learning new languages or brushing up on the ones you know already.
  • Quizlet is a fun-packed learning platform that allows you to create digital flashcards instead of old-school big and chunky ones.

A Word of Advice!

While there are plenty of advantages to living in the age of digital technology, one can never be too careful about the unhealthy cons. Striking the right balance between the real world and digital devices is absolutely essential to help kids grow up in a healthy environment. With a tool like FamilyTime that offers parental controls from Android to iPhone, you can accomplish this Himalayan task effectively. 

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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