What Can Make You a Successful Parent? Facts About Parental Apps

Jun 24, 2022 | Parental Controls, Parenting Teens

We have the same instinct as Koalas do. Very cutely and lovingly, we want to keep our kids close to us, make them achieve developmental milestones, follow our footsteps, and protect them from the thick and thin.

No offense but this is true that we resemble in our instincts other species in the same kingdom.

It is proven that a human child is the most sensitive being, more prone to get affected by other environmental issues. Also, they live in more complex communities. So we need to put more care into developing them and making them ready for the world.

But the problem is, we cannot stay that close to them. But a parental app can. We have to allow our children to be introduced to this fast-moving world. And thus, we introduce them to technology. We give in their hands the devices that, definitely, make them learn a lot.

But it did not take too long for a human to realize what harm it poses to the development of our children. Moreover, we see that everyone is extremely busy in their routines. So, it is not possible to bring up the children the way we want to.

So, we are introducing here a parental app that can bring comfort that seemed impossible till now.

Why is A Parental App Important?

Reportedly, many parents (particularly women) leave their jobs because they want to become better caretakers of their kids.

Now they do not have to do that. You can be with your child every moment through this app. From making their routines to scheduling their daily routines, your app will administer them as you do. Also, you can have a check and balance on whom they are talking to and where they are going. You will be notified every moment.

Out of all the apps, FamilyTime has brought a change in the lives of millions of people. Providing a number of features at maximum efficiency, it is very easy and rich in use.

Here is the detail of its salient features.

FamilyTime; the Most Reliable Parental App  

Fathers day familyTime App offer

Certainly, it has enclosed all the main responsibilities of a parent in its features. All you have to do is instruct it. With a few clicks, you can spend the whole day with little worry and concern for your kid. The app works in synchronization with a child’s app on their device and reports about anything you want.

Find Out Where Your Children Are?

You can locate them if, for any reason, they are unable to respond to you. Also, if you want to know where your kid has been the whole day, you can track their locations by following very simple steps.

What is even better is a geofencing system. You do not want your child to go to certain places? Here you go.

Geofence the areas that are on your not-to-go list. If your child enters that space, you will be immediately notified about that. You can send them reminders and get in contact to warn them again.

Know Who they are Talking To

Childhood and adolescence is the age that can lead you to make toxic friendships that leave lifetime effects. Protect your children from the toxicity of society and stay connected to them through this feature.

Know who is on their contact list and who they talk to. Also, you can track all text messages and calls. So, you can be a better guide to them.

Schedule Their Screen Time

Spending all the day on devices is a new habit that the mass of children is following nowadays. This tension among parents can easily be resolved by scheduling their screen time.

You can not only set time slots during which they can use their mobile phone or tablet but also set a daily time limit that they cannot exceed.  

Monitor their Internet  

Who doesn’t know about the effects that undesired content on the internet is producing? You can now put a leash on the content of your kids’ encounters.

Block the websites that you do not want them to watch. Also, you can keep a check on what they are watching the most. If that’s unhealthy, monitor them right away.

Furthermore, you can block the apps that are unwanted and produce adult content.

These, being a few of the many features FamilyTime is equipped with, will give a very rough idea about this wondrous app. Go check out the details on the FamilyTime website.      

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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