Web Blocker – Making Unattended Browsing Smart and Safe

Nov 23, 2023 | Parental Controls, Parental Controls for Android, Parental Controls for iOS, Product Updates

As a parent, your priority is ensuring your child’s responsible use of digital devices. FamilyTime provides various features to restrict screen time, apps, and more. However, children often explore beyond apps and games, delving into the vast and unfiltered world of the internet through browsers.

The internet, being a hub of unfiltered information, may pose risks during unattended browsing. FamilyTime’s Web Blocker comes to the rescue, allowing you to make browsing safe and secure.

Block Inappropriate Sites & Domains

FamilyTime’s Web Blocker takes a proactive approach, shielding young users from potentially harmful content. This feature enables you to block specific sites and domains hosting inappropriate material, providing peace of mind. Your children won’t accidentally stumble upon undesirable sites during unattended browsing sessions.

Block All Sites & Add Allowed Sites

For a more comprehensive approach, FamilyTime lets you block all sites by default, giving you the flexibility to create a whitelist of approved websites. This ensures your children access only pre-approved, safe content, offering greater control over their online experience and minimizing the risk of exposure to unsuitable material.

Enable Secured Surfing

Beyond blocking inappropriate content, FamilyTime’s Web Blocker provides a secure surfing environment. It prevents access to potentially harmful websites that could compromise devices or expose them to malware. This not only protects children from harmful content but also safeguards the integrity of the devices used for online activities.

Eliminate the Need for Constant Monitoring

A key advantage of the Web Blocker feature is the elimination of the need for constant monitoring. Set up blocking parameters according to your preferences, allowing your children to explore the internet without the worry of stumbling upon harmful sites. This feature is a game-changer for busy parents, providing assurance that their children navigate the online world safely even when physically absent.

Enable Safe Search for Improved Efficiency

FamilyTime enhances the browsing safety experience with Web Blocker and Safe Search filters. Enabling these filters ensures that inappropriate content doesn’t slip into search results, providing an additional layer of protection. With Safe Search enabled, you can be confident that your children won’t encounter inappropriate material in their online searches.

Bottom Line

In the fast-paced digital age, parenting extends into the online realm, necessitating innovative solutions for a safe environment. FamilyTime’s Web Blocker emerges as a smart and effective tool by allowing parents to regulate their children’s online experiences intelligently. With features like blocking inappropriate sites, creating whitelists, and enabling secure surfing, it not only protects children from explicit content but also enhances their overall online efficiency.

As we navigate the digital landscape, tools like the Web Blocker feature become invaluable in shaping a positive online experience for the younger generation. In conclusion, for parents seeking a reliable solution to make unattended browsing safe, FamilyTime’s Web Blocker stands out as a smart and user-friendly choice.

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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