Tech Trends for Making the Internet a Safe Place for Kids

May 17, 2022 | Parenting Advice, Parenting Teens

Starting from a young age, kids these days regularly use the internet sometimes for entertainment or sometimes for studying. Parents or guardians are obligated to teach them the consequences of using the internet negatively. Being a parent, you already are aware that keeping kids away from the internet is impossible. However, not only threats or risks but tech trends are also responsible for making the internet a safe place for our little ones. A suitable parental monitoring app can resolve all your problems when it comes to kids’ online monitoring and control. Let’s dig into the latest trend of tech that can keep your child intact while staying online;


While using a parental app that suits your needs the best, you can take control over your kids’ inbox and call logs. You can see where your kids are texting and calling. View their messages and save those from doing anything that can affect them. It’s not called spying since this is done for the sake of keeping all dangers away from your children.  


Do think your kids should only be allowed safe search when they are online? Allow web filtering on your kids’ devices if you don’t want your kids to stumble upon it. Stop giving them access to specific websites by using a superb feature of internet filtering. This helps kids to stay away from those websites that they should not be visiting. 


If your kid is going the extra mile while using the screen, it’s time to stop them now! Many parental apps have a screen time scheduling feature, through which you can set a customized schedule of bedtime, dinnertime, and homework time. On your mentioned schedule, their devices will be locked automatically. This is how parents can practice screen time limitations for kids and keep them focused on their real life as well. 


Do you want to monitor how much time they spend on each app? Kids spend extra hours on apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, etc. they forget that it’s risky to interact with a stranger and this can lead to something very damaging. It is, therefore become simpler to watch their app usage by getting a usage report on your phone. If you see something fishy, you can always talk to them before it’s too late.  

The web is a charming place to be at. But do you think it’s really safe for kids? Will you allow your kids to use the internet without any supervision? The answer is a big fat no! Web safety of children is a never-ending battle that continues. Cyber-attack, obnoxious content, hacking, identity theft, and trolling keep evolving along with the tech advancement intended to stop them. How can a busy parent save his child in this race? The only way is to utilize tech trends that originated to protect kids such as the FamilyTime Parental Monitoring app. the easiest way “to shield your kids from the tech with the tech!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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