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Fun Spring Activities for Your Kids

There are Social Network Groups Inciting Young people to Kill Themselves… Violently and Parents Need to Know About it

Trust me, there are all sorts of crazy people online and they just don’t stop at that – they incite people into bizarre cult following, making them do horrible stuff. And young vulnerable people are at the stake more than ever. You can simply never tell what your kid is up to. What they are […]

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Fun Spring Activities for Your Kids (1)

Text Message Monitoring : Stories of 3 Parents Who Regret Not Monitoring Their Kids’ SMS

When it comes to the sensitive debate regarding monitoring your children’s text messages, I know many of us would say that it’s downright outrageous. True; in the world where privacy often supersedes security, monitoring text messages of your child might turn them rebellious. But we’re missing a very important and significant aspect here. Your child’s […]

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5 Common Teen Suicide Myths Debunked!

There are a lot of assumptions and myths about teen bullying which increase this tragedy as much as any other reason. Here are a few of the common myths debunked to help you understand teen suicide better: Myth#1: Suicide is not so common among teens According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and […]

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