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Sometimes it seems that teenagers have their own language, especially when they chat or write text messages to their friends. Have you ever wondered what some of those terms mean? The list below explains what each term means, in this way you will know which are positive and which can signal inappropriate behavior online.

  • 1174: Meeting place for a party
  • 53X: Sex (“sex” spelled with numbers)
  • AF: acronym for “As F ***”, used to emphasize emotions or qualifiers. For example: “Excited AF!”
  • Bae: “Before Anyone Else” (before anyone else), is an affectionate term used to refer to couples or the person they like.
  • Cook session: term that describes how one or more children attack another child in social networks (cyberbullying).  
  • CU46: abbreviation of “See you for sex” or see each other to have sex.
  • Dox: when someone reveals the personal information such as the address, telephone number or private name of social networks in a malicious way. Among teens this can happen as revenge when a romantic relationship ends.
  • GNOC: initials of “Get naked on camera” or undress in front of the camera.   
  • GOAT: initials of “Greatest of all time” or the best of all time.
  • ILY: “I love you.”
  • IWSN: “I want sex now”.
  • Lmao: “Laughing My A– Off” a vulgar way of saying “I’m laughing a lot”. In many cases the person is not really laughing.
  • NIFOC: “Naked in front of computer” or I’m naked in front of the computer.    
  • PIR: “Parent in room” or “parent in the room” used to warn the person on the other side of the screen to be careful what they say and do, or as an explanation for failing to respond.
  • POS: ” Parent over shoulder” or father watching the screen behind me. Also used to warn the other person.
  • Shipping: a way of saying “relationship” (relationship) often used to say that someone (or fictitious character) should start a loving relationship with another.
  • Snapped: verb related to Snapchat, used to describe the sending of a video or photo within this social network. For example: “She snapped me a picture”
  • Vamping: reference to the behavior of vampires and their preference for the night. This term, invented by teenagers, refers to staying up all night using social networks or doing other online activities. Often called “our time” or “our time” because it is at that time that teens feel they can be alone and do what they really want online without having to worry about their parents, homework and other activities. It is important to be careful with how vamping affects the sleep cycle of adolescents and therefore, their development.     
  • YOLO: abbreviation of “you only live once” (only lived once), a phrase related to the enjoyment of life, not taking things too seriously and living in the moment.

Now, that you know these codes, keep a keen eye on your kids’ text messages using the FamilyTime – SMS monitoring app and know what do they talk about and with whom. Make use of this app and your knowledge to save your kids from all the hazards. Happy parenting!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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