Save Your Child from Metal Apathy! Ways for Better Upbringing

Jul 15, 2021 | Parenting Advice, Parenting Teens

Bearing a child is not everyone’s cup of tea. The path is of challenges. And the parents find ways to get rid of the elements that are harmful to your child’s growth. 

And, no one can disagree with the fact that there are many challenges. Particularly, this digitalized world is posing many threats to the physical, psychological, and mental development of a child. Research would support the facts that might leave you flared. 

But worry not! It is never too late. You can shape the life of your kid now. All you will have to do is to be stagnant in changing their habits. And you, as a parent, can definitely do that. Also, with internet schedulers, you can make it possible with utmost ease.

Challenges to a Child’s Growth 

Let us bring you some facts about what challenges your child’s growth is faced nowadays. 

Internet Addiction

The foremost challenge caused by easy access to digitalization by everyone is the use of the internet. When this use leads to addiction, no one knows. And be mindful of the fact that this addiction has been recognized as a clinical disorder. Defined as uncontrollable urges and compulsions to use the internet by Shaw and Black in a research in 2012, it has become now a global disorder. 

The same research explains that this addiction has resulted in causing impairment to mental health and distress. Also, it is causing serious symptoms of anxiety, depression, and social isolation. 

If you are observing your child using the internet excessively, you have to worry about it but do not stress much. You are lucky to recognize it at this early stage because the onset does not generally occur in childhood. But, keep in view that the causes date back to childhood and adolescence. It takes almost ten years for this usage to be turning into a disorder as per the research. So, it is high time that you recognize the problematic behaviors of your child and start mending them at the very stage by internet scheduling and the ways you find suitable.

There is a plethora of evidence in support of the above-mentioned findings. Research published by American Psychological Association in 2016 draws the results about the same problem. There is a clear causal relationship between the usage of the internet and mental health deterioration.

Nocturnal Usage of Internet

Another problem of the same kind is the nocturnal use of the internet on phones, computers, or tablets, etc. There has been a rising trend of adolescents and children using their devices for long hours in bed. The effects of this usage have been found to be even worse than normal usage. 

The first thing that comes to mind is sleep disturbance and that is quite true. Researchers have proved that the rising usage of the internet at night is deteriorating the quality of sleep which leads to certain other mental health issues. 

A study by Mesquita and Reimao in 2007 explained that disturbed sleep patterns lead to a complete impairment of sleep which can cause some irreparable damage to mental health.

Effects on Cognitive Growth 

What was least expected is what you are going to hear now. The technology that was made to fill the gaps of knowledge and communication is serving some opposite effects if used beyond moderation. 

A research paper published and presented in the International Conference on Education in 2016 by Indonesian Students explains that information and communication technology can retard social, cognitive, and emotional development. The research on deteriorated cognitive and social abilities is not any less. 

You can either have a child with a fully grown personality or one with compulsive internet behaviors. Now is the time to start a better upbringing of your child.

Is Internet Scheduler a Good Way to Control the Overuse of the Internet?

If this question is hovering around in your mind, we will not delay telling you this. Today, one of the most efficient ways to deal with these issues is the Internet scheduler. 

Whether you are at your job or doing gym, the control over your child is in your hands. With an app on your device, you can schedule your child’s routine most productively.   

We are talking about nothing else but the FamilyTime parental control app. it works in synchronization with your child’s device. You can make your child limit their internet usage, use it in specific hours, do not use a specific type of content, and many other things. Your child’s device will automatically start working the way you have set it. 

Go to the website to check further details of the features of this app that are made to make your parenting easy for you.   

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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