Prevent Your Kids from Getting Lost with A Family Locator App

Sep 19, 2022 | Parenting Teens, Parenting Tips and advices

Losing a child is the worst nightmare for all parents. Not seeing them, even for a brief moment, sends us into a frenzy of panic and fear. Though there are several ways to ensure kids’ safety, a family locator app, such as FamilyTime, is the best shot for parents to know where their kids are at all times. 

Just thinking about losing our kids makes us anxious, but put yourself in your kids’ shoes for a moment and realize how terrifying it must be for them. That is why we must prepare kids on what to do if they get lost and take measures to prevent such a scenario from happening in the first place.   

How Can Parents Avert This Nightmare?

No parent wants to imagine being in that situation. However, the best defense is a good offense. Educating kids, developing a plan of action, and investing in an excellent family locator app (such as FamilyTime) are some of the most effective tips to prevent the loss of kids. Let’s begin by looking at how you can educate your kids.

Educate Your Kids

Talk to your kids about getting lost in public places. Share your experiences (if you have any). It will help your kids relate to you and keep their wits about if, God forbid, they get lost. Teach them their full name and how to spell them. 

Parents must help their kids learn the full names and cell numbers of both mother and father because it will help them get in touch with you. You can either sew this information into their clothes or have them carry it at all times. Moreover, develop a plan of action and practice it with your kids, as it will help them stay calm in case they get lost.

Put A Plan in Place

Create a standard operating procedure (SOP) to help your kids. Lay out a stepwise easy-to-remember plan of action. Before leaving for a destination, tell your kids what to do if they get separated from their mother/father. Decide on a meeting point if your kids are old enough to reach a specific landmark by themselves. Otherwise, tell them to stay put and seek help from a security guard, police officer, lifeguard, or a mom with kids (depending on where you’re going).

Always Carry Their Picture

Parents must always carry a clear and high-quality recent picture of their kids. It helps them look for kids more efficiently and effectively. The best way to do that is by taking a picture of the kids before they leave the house. It would be the most accurate description of their appearance.

Dress Them in Bright Colors

Another way to quickly distinguish your kids from a crowd is by dressing them in bright colors. Maybe a bright-colored hat/shorts/bikini would help if you decide to go to a beach. In the case of a park or open playground, try tying a balloon to their wrist in addition to dressing them in bright outfits. Be creative in keeping track of your kids. You can also think of investing in a good family locator app to ensure the safety of your kids.

Invest in a Family Locator App

A family locator app, also known as a parental control app, can help you keep track of your kids at all times because they offer location tracking services.

No parent can keep kids in their line of sight forever. They go to school, visit friends’ houses, play in parks, enjoy trips to malls, etc. It is practically impossible for parents to always be with their kids. That is where a family locator app, such as FamilyTime, can help parents find peace of mind. 

FamilyTime offers more than just location tracking and geofence services. It arms kids with an SOS/Panic button and sends real-time location alerts to parents in emergencies. Parents can reach their kids without wasting time searching for them in different places, and kids can stay put and wait for their mother or father to come to get them.

Sign up now to prevent your kids from living this horrible nightmare, and rest easy knowing your kids are in safe hands! 

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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