Parenting Hacks – When “House Arrest” Isn’t Possible Try GPS Phone Tracker

Mar 8, 2017 | Family Locator App, Parental Controls for Android, Parental Controls for iOS

All children love to hang out with friends and have late night fun. There is nothing wrong in it but only if they know how to make wise choices. We can avoid any harmful experience by grounding them in after the evening, and imposing curfews. But it’s possible only before they step in to teen years. And if you think you can control the teens in the same way then you can experience a disaster soon. For such sensitive age when teens are not willing to listen, give freedom and use GPS phone tracker to keep an eye on them where ever they go.

House arrest isn’t a wise decision

Do you think hiding the teens in to avoid the adverse incidents is a good decision? Well, it isn’t at all. Yes, it’s true that world has become a place where there are risks at every turn, but children have to learn how to deal with them. Grounding the teens is another way to hold them back. You can’t be with them all the time to protect them nor can you hold them in all the time. So let them explore and learn to protect themselves. Secondly, there is another reason why it isn’t a good option: after stepping into teen years, they will start pushing the boundaries if you will impose curfews. And it can lead them to behave more aggressively, sneak out at night and hide their whereabouts.

Be smart and try digital tracking

Everything today is becoming digital. So why not digital tracking? Well, there are a lot of options among which you can select the best suited option. You can keep track of teens’ location with an app on their smartphones. Let them go out party with friends and attend social events, but avoid some serious troubles with 24/7 tracking. If they will know you are monitoring them they will less likely take risk and visit questionable places. For this, you can go for FamilyTime app because it doesn’t hide that you are monitoring the teens. In fact, you will have to discuss and then download the app on their phones. It’s a GPS phone tracker which is quite wholesome, have a look at specs.

Track location

You can trace where teens have been whole day long along with the time of each visit.


You can put certain suspicious or harmful places to a Places list and get alerts if they visit any of those places.

Get auto alerts

You can receive auto check-ins and check-outs about your teens and stay informed about they have reached home, school or any certain place.

Get Pick-Me-Up alerts

Your child can send you alert to pick them up 24/7. This way, you will never forget to pick them up and can easily track where to pick your kids from.

SOS alerts

You can receive SOS (Panic) alerts if you child faces any danger and you can get the push notification along with their exact current location.

Let teens enjoy but safely!

You can keep the teens safe even if they are left for a party or friends’ place. With FamilyTime you can keep track of all of their whereabouts and you will have no need to call them up again and again. Don’t impose 20th century curfews and let them explore.

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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