Mommy Matters: 5 Rules of Raising Tween Son Smartly

Mar 21, 2017 | Parental Controls for Android, Parental Controls for iOS, Parenting Teens

Being mommy of a tween boy might make you a bit awkward at times. Watching your son growing into a teenager, stepping into the middle school and bearing the mood swings could be frustrating and stressful. It’s because moms want to keep their close bond with the kids, and yes, it isn’t an easy job.

5 rules to strengthen your bond

We aren’t programmed to be perfect parents, and stressing over our loved ones’ well being is something we can’t help! Answering the awkward questions of your son and acting up to his expectations might freak you out. In such chaos, mommies sometimes make mistakes than can ruin their bond with their tween son. So let’s have a look at some rules which might get you through easily.

Show love

Tweens want to be loved even when they don’t act like they do at all. Be very careful in showing the love and care in a way that doesn’t make them feel even more awkward. Depending on your boy’s personality, you can express your love. You could cook them their favorite food, share how much you feel proud of them when they clean up their room etc.

Let him have fun

Not-so mature teen attitude is quite normal. At times, he might want you to let him be silly and he might also expect you to laugh at his ‘fart jokes’. It’s not important to correct him all the time, let him have fun and enjoy his age.

Don’t questions again & again

Asking too frequently that where he has been, what he did and when he came back home, might annoy him. But these are the few questions every mom asks over and over. To control this, you can use parental apps like FamilyTime for keeping a track of his whereabouts. FamilyTime can let you view all the places he visited on a virtual map and you could also check the detailed address for each. This way, you can stay in the know but can avoid asking him a bundle of questions!

Set the rules & let him explore

If you don’t want him to visit the bars and clubs as you think he isn’t old enough for that, then you can use FamilyTime and Geo-fence his whereabouts. You can discuss why he shouldn’t visit certain places and then forbid him from visiting those. What you have to do is put the certain harmful places to a Place list and get instant alerts if he enter or exit those places.

You can use this app for setting limits for gaming and social networking. Black list any game or app or monitor what he does online and prevent any abuse. This way, you can prevent any adverse experience without asking him questions and guiding him which might irritate him. You can download this app from Google Play and iTunes and use it on all versions of Android, iPhone and Kindle.

Final Word: Be supportive!

Tweens prefer their moms to take interest in their activities and support them. It’s a good thing that boys need their moms around as they grow. With FamilyTime you can let them feel your presence all the time. It’s possible with the PickMeUp and SOS alerts which your tween can send you any time with just a tap. It can keep him get relaxed and comfortable with your presence and you can help him out any time!

Carefully sharing your concerns and love can make your kid’s transition from tween to teen easier. And yes, with the help of this wonder app, you can strengthen your bond with him and he can enjoy your presence and support!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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