Meaningful Ways to Maintain Balance by Limiting Screen Time

May 18, 2022 | Parental Controls, Parenting Teens

Teenagers can never imagine their day without looking at screens, either it’s television, computer, smartphones, tablets, etc. after all we live in a world of technology and screens. There doesn’t seem to be a way to avoid screens but only the user can be controlled and allowed to be limited. Yet the debate never comes to an end that how much screen time is not harmful to kids. Also, it gets intense when kids are growing up and start giving extra time to the tech. the constant engagement of kids with screens is not healthy for their minds as well as their eyes. By following the below-mentioned steps, balance can be maintained while kids stay on screen. Let’s dig into it; 

  • Create a Schedule for Screen Time

When you find your kid giving more than usual time on screen, make a customized schedule for them to keep them intact. It’s difficult to tell them verbally when to stop as they are deeply involved while playing any game or watching something on their smart devices. Tech has formed many solutions in the shape of a parental monitoring app such as FamilyTime that allows setting customized screen time for bedtime, dinnertime, or homework time. Isn’t it a great help to limit screen hours?

  • Be Around While They Use the Screen

Parents mostly leave children alone with the devices. It might cause trouble for kids because they can access any content they want. The best way is to stick around while they browse the internet. They might start watching something that is not age-appropriate or might get into trouble on social sites. For any parent, kids’ safety comes above everything. Kids don’t have any idea about the internet threats such as cyberbullying, identity theft, hacking, and many other crimes. Therefore, it’s important to be around while their screen hours.

  • Encourage Screen Time for Educational Purposes

Don’t prohibit screen time entirely. Let them be on the internet for learning purposes but ensure that they’re accessible to only safe searching. But this can only be possible when you let this happen with a safe parental monitoring app. Apps like FamilyTime give you access to safe search while your kids stay online. Through this, kids can’t go off track even when they’re using a device for educational purposes. 

  • Make Them Choose Good Content

Parents can look for programs for tweens and younger age groups children that are productive and helpful for them. So they can grow in a healthy environment with interesting storylines and characters, or such topics that add value to their personalities. Find a show that has well and kids friendly ratings and has no explicit content in it. 

  • Prohibit Screen Time in Public Use

It depends on the parents and how they set examples for their own kids. The best solution to keep your little one on track is to make them follow in your own footsteps. If you don’t want them to use mobile phones or any other device in public, then make sure you are doing the same because kids imitate their elders. They can learn better through your own actions rather than you telling them to stop it. 

Since kids are much more familiar with smart devices and screens are become an essential part of their lives, this topic has become sensitive where kids’ mental and physical health is involved. However, along with the numerous benefits, kids are not much aware of the potential risks of using an excessive screen. The obligation of guardians or parents increases as kids enter the world of the screen. A smart solution is to use a reliable parental monitoring app to protect them even if you are away. Pen down your requirements to get into an app then start looking for it. Ensure kids are well protected whether on-screen or off-screen! 

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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