Make Gadgets Useful with Parent Controls

Apr 5, 2022 | Parental Controls

It doesn’t always have to be a bad thing that your child spends all their time on an electronic device if they are doing something productive. However, if they are just wasting time, feel free to go ahead and make them put down their device with the help of a substantial parental control app.

Just kidding. But do install a parental control app on their device if their internet addiction gets out of hand. 

Give Them Freedom

Sometimes, just sometimes, children do things better than we ever could. Just because they have lesser experience of the world than we do, does not mean that their introspective instincts and knowledge are not worth being taken seriously.

Even if it is just a hobby, even if it is all in good fun, let them do it.

Children are curious to figure out life and the mechanisms of everyday objects that surround them. This is how great minds are born. But for them to reach their highest potential, you have to let them explore.

Pioneers of the Future

If they take pictures of things, let them. Even if the pictures are blurry and 700 shots of the same thing. Maybe, just maybe, they would grow up and become an extremely admired professional photographer. 

Maybe the child who likes to play with their dresses or the one who wastes a ton of good pieces of cloth on making new dresses for their doll will grow up and become a fashion designer.

Benefits of Early Exposure

One can not guarantee that this will happen. Nonetheless, children who have had fair opportunities to explore and play with things when they are younger, turn out be more self-confident in their decisions in the future, such children also turn out to be better academics and more successful than their peers when it comes to career building.

Use it as Reinforcement 

If they do not like partaking in activities that involve going out and interacting with the real world, use their gadgets to keep their interest. Say things like “I’ll let you play that game for an extra 30 minutes if you go and help out the neighbor kid with their homework” and “how about we take your iPad with us so we can take pictures on the way.” 

You get the idea. Provide them with adequate, practical incentives. Something they would appreciate. If that thing helps them learn something at the same time, great. If it doesn’t, it’s all good. Either way, it is a win-win situation.

Make use of their gadgets in ways that make them more of productivity tools rather than devices that turn your child’s brain numb and shorten their attention spans.

It is up to one whether they make good use of something or let it become something that makes one’s basic human intellect go to waste as well. 

The Pros of the Parental Control App

Other than conformist ways of making your child focus their attention elsewhere and forget the digital world for a while. There are now multiple ways one can try out to make the digital world safe for children using digital tools. How you may ask? By simply going to Appstore and hitting that install button on an iPhone parental control app. 

With the best parental control app, FamilyTime, you can now monitor where your children are at any given time, who they talk to, and what they talk about when they leave a safe zone. You can not only track their current location but also their location history, call history as well as entire contact lists. 

The Bottom Line

Parents can set safe driving limits and geofence areas, set alerts for when their child leaves or enters a location as well as set reading times, sleeping as well as eating times, and in this way, teach them the importance of compartmentalizing.

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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