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Mar 27, 2024 | Parental Controls, Parental Controls for Android, Parental Controls for iOS

Easter is around the corner, and we are calling for some amazing festive celebrations. Among all the events throughout the year, Easter is one of the most exciting and fascinating events for kids. They are thrilled about the event due to multiple reasons. From the chocolate eggs to the creative decorations, egg hunts, gatherings, treats, and, above all, a weekend full of fun. Mostly, they expect the Easter holidays to be a non-restrictive time for them to have all the fun they want. 

An Alarming Situation in the Festival 

But here are a few alerts for parents. When you are too busy preparing for the Easter surprises and other activities, the kids are involved in many online activities. From browsing content to watching videos, chatting on social media, and playing games. You may not pay attention to what they are doing on their devices and eventually spend more time on screens. 

Calls for Some Safety Action 

Do you know that leaving your child unattended with their devices can cause them to extend their screen time up to 5-8 hours? Additionally, they are at higher risk of falling prey to cyber predators by sharing too much information with them and facing threats, bullies, and more. 

Well, there is a solution to saving them from all these threats, such as using a parental control app like FamilyTime. The one app that keeps you connected to your child’s digital world and updates you about their actions through alerts. Moreover, you can decide and set rules for their screen time, app usage, content choices, contacts, and more. You can save your kids from any potential digital harm this Easter by using FamilyTime parental controls. Now, you can subscribe to FamilyTime premium at a 45% FLAT OFF to save more. 

Tips for a Safer & Fun Easter Holidays 

Does using parental monitoring software take away Easter’s fun? No, it can never make your child’s Easter experience boring or less than fun. The only difference it will make is to limit their activities and secure them from the digital world. Well, if you are struggling to plan a perfect Easter holiday, then here are some Easter fun ideas for you to try out and make things happen for kids. 

Set rules and Limits 

The first step in having a fun Easter holiday is setting rules and limits. Do not let your child slip into the fantasy of unlimited fun, all games, and no limitations. However, you will allow them to have fun, but within limits. It’s better to discuss these limitations with them before the holidays. 

By using FamilyTime, it’s convenient for you to limit their screen time and app usage. Moreover, set rules and schedule their internet and device access for the day. You can always give them more than the regular allowance of screen time, but you cannot let them have all the fun without any limitations. 

Plan Easter Activities 

Next are the activities you should offer kids in their free time. When you stop them from certain activities and free their time, it’s essential to fill up their schedule with other activities. Browse and list the Easter activities that are creative and engaging for the kids. They need to have these alternative engagements. 

You can involve the kids in making chocolate Easter eggs, decorating eggs, painting, and crafting eggs or bunnies for the decor. You can even assign them tasks to look for DIY projects, crafts, and recipes online for some creative cuisines. You can use FamilyTime’s SafeSearch filters to keep the kids stuck to safe searches and monitor their browsing. 

Discuss & Review Easter Hazards 

There is no doubt that Easter is full of surprises and gives you a lot of opportunities to have fun. However, it does have a few hazards, causing you to be conscious and vigilant about what’s happening around you. Here are a few hazards you should know and share with your kids:

  • Chocolate Easter eggs are not suitable for dogs to consume 
  • The small Easter eggs can choke kids easily 
  • The eggs exposed to sunlight for long should not be consumed 
  • The painted eggs are not safe for consumption later 
  • Always mark the pits or holes created for the Easter egg hunts and fill them afterward 
  • Kids should remain close to the family during fun activities and ask for help when needed. 

You can guide kids to use the FamilyTime SOS/Panic alert whenever they feel danger or need help. It helps parents locate and rescue kids quickly. 

Use FamilyTime features to have more fun. 

Along with all such activities, FamilyTime offers you a safer and more engaging Easter experience with your kids. Using the app’s versatile features, you can make their digital and offline safety a priority. It helps you keep them safe throughout the event. 

Geofence for Easter Egg Hunt 

By setting geofence limits, you can restrict your child from moving outside specific boundaries. When they are hunting for Easter eggs and cross the geofence, you will get a movement alert. This helps you call them back to the safe zone within time. 

Reward Kids with FunTime 

Arrange a few competitions or set rules for your kids, insisting they follow them. Upon winning the competition or fulfilling the rule, you can offer them some screen time allowance using the FunTime feature in the FamilyTime parental control app. This will encourage them to participate in activities and follow the rules as part of holiday plans. 

Use FamilyPause Penalties 

When kids become out of control and stop listening to you, you can control them by immediately blocking their devices. Using the FamilyPause feature of the app, you can immediately block the child’s device for an undefined time limit. This helps you keep the child disciplined, listen to you, and pay attention to their surroundings.  

Safe Teen Drive to Track Teens 

FamilyTime is helpful not only for monitoring and engaging kids but also for teens. Using the Safe Teen Drive monitoring feature, you can track your teen’s driving patterns. It helps you review their speed, breaking, and other driving patterns. Whenever teens surpass the speed limit while driving, you will get a notification. 

Subscribe to FamilyTime Premium at Easter Discount! 

Easter can be an exciting and happening experience for your family to have a good time and memories. Limiting the use of digital devices for your kids and engaging them in creative activities will save them from multiple digital threats. FamilyTime offers a huge discount of FLAT 45% OFF on FamilyTime Premium plans to make digital safety measures for your kids easier and more affordable. You can get a yearly subscription for a lesser amount now and stay stress-free about your child’s digital well-being.

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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