Is Your Child Passing Through Safe Developmental Stages? Let Us Assess!

Mar 30, 2023 | Parenting 101

Are your children involved in healthy activities when you are not with them? Are they good people? Are they safe from bullying and other toxicity in society? And there is much more that keeps you concerned about your child all the time.

All of this affects the development of a child which is a topic as complex as anything. Here we will discuss what an important role FamilyTime app has played in dealing with the complicated issues of a child’s brought up.

But before that, bringing to light the importance of safe development and the evolution of parenting is important.

What is Safe Development and How is it Important?

Gone are the times when psychological issues were considered a joke or were given very little consideration. People, now, are understanding the fact that crimes, sociopathic tendencies in people, depressive personalities, and learning problems might surely have a past that has made them so. Countless studies would strengthen the point.

Every one of us needs to understand and realize the fact. Safe development is an upbringing where the child is achieving all the milestones at the proper age and not absorbing toxic mind and growth ideas. The point is to ensure the well-being and that is only achieved when a proper parenting style is followed. Unsafe material on the internet, a lot of screen time, games teaching violence, and excessive usage of social media apps are doing a lot of harm and affecting the education of your child.

Research posted in the Global Academic Society Journal in 2008 says that mental problems and other personality issues have their roots in the experiences in adolescence and childhood. So, there is a huge responsibility on you during that stage of growth. Buck up for that.

Evolution of Parenting

With increased awareness of how the environment and the primary teachings are affecting the growth of a child, parenting has now become a field to study. We admit, your job is really hard given the tough schedules you have to follow to carry out multiple jobs and responsibilities.

With increased access to every type of information and exposure of every kind, parents of today have to be more vigilant. But, such a paradox. Where, in this industrialized and digitalized world, people need to monitor their children’s activities more, they are busier and more stuck in the mechanical routine. Here is where we see the parents of today as different from the parents of the past.

The benefit that technology gives is the solutions that it brings with the problems that are produced somehow due to it. Digitalized parenting is one of the fantabulous solutions that have removed many concerns of managing time, monitoring children, making them work in proper schedules, reducing their screen time, and making their lives more productive.

Talking about FamilyTime App, it has been made after compiling every aspect of effective parenting in one small digital world. It not only helps you become a better parent but also works with the advancement of this world.

FamilyTime App for You and Your Children

Not bragging about it, we have not seen any parenting app working as effortlessly as this. It was made to make the lives of parents smooth so it is, in no way, difficult to operate and gives access to every domain of your child’s life, thanks to the plethora of features that it has.

kid safety with FamilyTime

Whether you are in your office while your child is at school or you are home while your child is with friends, you can stay worry-free. Because, if your child is involved in any undesirable activity, going to an unwanted place, using his phone excessively, or is in danger, FamilyTime will notify you immediately.

It works from two systems at least. A parent app on your phone and a child app on your kid’s phone or tablet will be synced with each other. All you have to do is manage the settings as per your desires and there is no way your kid can move out of them.

From keeping a check on the internet and screen activities to keep them from going to unwanted places and exceeding the speed limit, it gives complete control, not to mention all of the features in detail. Not just that, the affordable packages and a twenty-four-seven customer support service have made it more popular among users.

Long story short, with the FamilyTime parent control app, you add to the quality of your family life. You can check the website for details about the app feature. And get in touch if you face any inconvenience.

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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