How to Avoid Single Mommy Stress and Bond Better with Your Preteen

Apr 21, 2017 | Family Locator App, Parental Controls, Parenting Teens

Parenting preteens and tween is no wonder a challenge. Especially, if you are a single mom, bonding with your preteen son might take a different approach. Don’t panic if you have to renegotiate everything. His hormone-kick and magnified peer pressure could make him a bit disrespectful. The best way to make it through, you have to connect and encourage his age-appropriate freedom. You could make him comfortable sharing questions with you and preserve your precious bond.

Tips to bond better with preteen

Be open

He might get interested in things you don’t put on your likes list, but you have to be open to the things and let him share his likes, dislikes and some uncomfortable questions like, what’s the right age to have sex, what is puberty etc. This way you might get to know what he is going through at school and among his friends and guide him to grow better.

Stay connected

Having dinner together isn’t enough. You have to be there for him all the time so he could feel your presence and appreciate it. Well, yes it’s quite a challenge to be with them as you might have to leave for work but luckily, you could stay connected virtually. You presence is a must-have so; you can go for parental controls like FamilyTime and be with them 24/7. Digital parenting is quite appreciable for bonding us with the loved ones.

Avoid punishments

The most button pushing activity of teens is sneaking out at night and hiding the whereabouts. Even if it happens to you, punishment isn’t a good idea. You could keep track of which places he visited the most, and where he has been whole day long. For this location tracking with the help of a virtual map could definitely lay rest to rest. FamilyTime location history feature is very detailed as it can share the complete address and time of visit too, so you could stay in the know 24/7.

Keep the teen comfortable & protect smartly!

If you wish to secure your bond after your kid reach the preteens, then avoid shying away from talking with them. Discuss what annoys them, what they like, and what questions they have in their minds. You can also discuss why you need to monitor them and how you could keep them secure. FamilyTime promotes a parent-child bond and is the best suited app for you to strengthen you bond with your growing son. Be a friend to your son and preserve your bond happily!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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