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Christmas is undoubtedly the most cherished event of the year. It brings with it endless planning, trips, treats and joy.  Among all age groups, pre-teens and teens are the ones who enjoy Christmas the most. They plan hangouts with friends too and this is what makes parents worried. So, before the time comes, and your kids ask for your permission to hang out with friends, here we give you a nice solution to ensure your kids’ safety during the Christmas celebrations. The solution that we are talking about here is the family locator app. using this application; you can keep track of your kids’ location in the real time. To know more, keep reading:

Family Locator App – Use and Benefits:

How to ensure that kids are not getting themselves into any trouble during the Christmas celebrations? Digital monitoring is the answer to this question. Developers have developed many splendid apps that help parents to lessen their anxiety about the safety of their kids. These apps are made with built-in GPS tracking systems that can provide a precise and accurate orientation of your teen. If your teens have a smart phone, it is highly unlikely that they would want to leave the house without taking their iPhone with them. Family locator app is a smart solution for parents; it is an easy and secure service that allows you and your family member to locate each other’s phone from a mobile device or computer.

Parents do not need to worry when their kids forget to call or are held up. A quick glance at the family locator app tells you all you need to know and then you can ease off. FamilyTime is one such family tracker that is compatible with iOS devices and is pretty easy to use. The app is safe and secure, and only authorized family members are able to locate other family members’ phones. Although to maintain the security, it is foremost that you and your family members keep all the account information private and don’t let outsiders know your user ID or password.

With the help of the FamilyTime app, you can do the following:

  1. Track your teen’s current whereabouts to know whether or not they are going to a safe location
  2. Get to know about the places your child has visited over a time by tracking location history on their iPhone along with the date and time stamps
  3. Receive emergency alerts from your child if in case they find themselves in any emergency situation
  4. Create virtual geo-fences around the places that your child visits often to receive instant alerts from the app every time your child enters or leaves a geo-fenced area
  5. Set speed limit on your teen driver and get notified whenever your teen over speeds the vehicle

And the list of FamilyTime features goes on. To try these features and a number of others, give this app a try for free.

Using this incredible app, set your kids free and help them enjoy Christmas to the fullest. Wish you all a happy Christmas!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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