Halloween Discount! 45% OFF to Boost Your Child’s Digital Safety

Oct 26, 2023 | Parental Controls, Parental Controls for Android, Parental Controls for iOS

Halloween is just around the corner. It’s that time of the year when kids eagerly anticipate spooky costumes, sweet treats, and a night of fun and excitement. While Halloween brings joy to children, it also brings about a lot of safety concerns for kids. It’s essential for parents to ensure that their kids stay safe during festivities, especially in the digital world. 

Luckily, FamilyTime, a leading parental control app, has a special treat for you. It’s offering a whopping Halloween discount of FLAT 45% OFF on its premium plans to boost your child’s digital safety. Now, you can enjoy all Halloween fun activities without worrying about your child’s digital safety. 

Let’s explore what makes FamilyTime a must-have app for parents and how it can benefit you during Halloween and beyond.

Comprehensive Screen Time Management

With FamilyTime, you can set screen time limits on your child’s devices. This feature ensures your kids don’t spend excessive time on screens, even during the Halloween season. You can set schedules for when devices should be put away for family gatherings, dinner, or sleep.

App and Website Blocking

Worried about what your child is accessing online? FamilyTime lets you comprehensively block inappropriate apps and websites. It ensures that your child cannot access harmful content, which is especially helpful when they are searching for Halloween-themed content, costumes, or ideas. 

You can use generic web filters to restrict results for Halloween discounts, costumes, pranks, and more. Additionally, to protect your kids from accessing fraudulent Halloween promo codes, you can easily block the URLs of such websites.

Location Tracking and Geofencing

When your child is out trick-or-treating or attending Halloween parties, you are always on alert. You pay attention to their activities, location, and safety-related matters. FamilyTime’s location tracking feature allows you to keep an eye on their whereabouts 24/7. 

You can also set up geofences to receive alerts when they enter or leave specific areas. It’s easy to set up a geofence for trick-or-treat drives and then sit back and relax. This feature gives you peace of mind during the festive celebrations.

SOS Alerts

One downside of Halloween night is that it can get chaotic. Your children may get lost or find themselves in uncomfortable situations. For such emergencies, FamilyTime’s SOS alerts are a lifesaver. Using this feature, your child can easily send you an alert in case of an emergency. It’s a valuable feature for ensuring their safety during this holiday season.

Safe Driving Mode

For the younger kids, you can drop them off at their friend’s place. However, for teenagers, things are quite different. They are old enough to have a license and drive themselves, and they prefer it that way. So, you should not restrict them at all. 

However, keeping an eye on their driving behavior is essential. With FamilyTime’s Teen Safe Drive feature, you can access all of their driving patterns. The app records and notifies you about speeding, hard braking, routes, sharp turns, and more. This information is enough for you to counsel them for a safer and better driving pattern. 

Especially during Halloween, when many adults have car rallies, you need to keep track of your teens and ensure they are not a part of it. So, benefit from FamilyTime Halloween promo code and get premium plans to monitor your teen’s drive. 

Messaging and Call Monitoring

Halloween night is a prime time for kids to connect with friends. Since it’s a festive season, allowing your child an extra hour of communication is understandable. However, keeping an eye on their communication and activities remains essential. With FamilyTime, you can monitor their text messages and calls, ensuring they communicate with trusted individuals.

Furthermore, the Watchlist Contacts feature allows you to decide with whom they can communicate. This monitoring tool helps you keep track of any recently added contacts to their list that are unknown and potentially concerning. By identifying such contacts, you can investigate and take appropriate measures to ensure your child’s security.

Social Media Monitoring

Even if your child is not around or is partying with friends and you can’t physically see their location, you might still be worried about their activities. Remember, your kids may not tell you about their activities but will always upload them on social media.

Using the extensive social media monitoring features provided by FamilyTime, you can peek inside their profiles. The app lets you access YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Bip, and Snapchat. It’s pretty easy for you to sneak into their posts, lives, chats, messages, follow requests, and more. Knowing all this information, you can easily guide them towards a safer digital environment.

Wrap Up!

FamilyTime’s 45% OFF Halloween Sale on premium plans is a treat every parent should consider. This powerful parental control app offers a range of features to enhance your child’s digital safety, not just during Halloween but throughout the year. 

From screen time management to location tracking, app blocking, and SOS alerts, FamilyTime empowers parents to strike the perfect balance between fun and safety. Don’t miss out on this fantastic Halloween offer – boost your child’s digital safety with FamilyTime today!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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