FamilyTime Make Motherhood Easier and Offers FLAT 50% Discount

May 11, 2024 | Announcement, Parenting Tips and advices

Being a mother can never be easy. A mother always worries about the kids, from their food to health, education to grooming, and digital safety. As they are introduced to technology, kids interact with the latest challenges and threats regularly. Parents must keep kids safe online and use the right parental controls. However, the greater responsibility comes to the mother’s end. Along with everything else, they must take care of their child’s digital activities and interactions. 

Digital Parenting is Exhausting 

Managing your child’s digital activities can be exhausting due to expanded options and engagements. Currently, digital devices are much more than just entertainment and leisure for kids. They can learn new things, get help for homework, socialize with others online, and make new friends. All these activities are beneficial but, at the same time, threaten kids’ safety. 

For mothers, managing all aspects of digital devices and their usage is difficult and tricky at times. From selecting what your child will access on their devices and for how long to auditing all activities, it’s hectic and next to impossible. 

Ultimate Parental Control App for Mothers 

Well, everything has its solution, and FamilyTime is offering mothers the ultimate helping hand for the digital safety of their kids. With the ultimate tools and rules, the app lets you manage all your child’s devices from a single portal. All the features are designed to assist mothers in keeping their kids safe. Additionally, this Mother’s Day, FamilyTime offers FLAT 50% OFF on all its premium plans. The offer lets the mothers experience the best parental controls at the minimum possible cost. Here is how FamilyTime makes digital parenting easy for mothers. 

Perfect online & offline balance 

Creating a perfect balance in your child’s online and offline activities is paramount. You cannot expect kids to be efficient enough to leave the devices on their own. It can happen at times, but it is not a general rule. So, the FamilyTime parental controls come into action. You can set up daily time limits and screen time settings to allow your kids to use devices for a limited time. 

After the time runs out, the devices will be locked, and kids will have to return to their offline activities. You can either set a time limit for the day or set schedules for the devices or internet inactivity. Additionally, you can restrict the use of specific apps for a certain time of the day. This helps to keep the kids from excessively using the app. 

No stress about adult content

When your child is online and browsing, all you worry about is adult or explicit content hitting the screen. Even if your child is not searching for it, sometimes it can show up due to the algorithm. So, what to do? Well, using the web Safe Search filters can avoid the issue. The filters automatically restrict and block inappropriate content or links. 

Additionally, you can block websites that you consider inappropriate for the kids to access. Using the web blocker feature, you can make a list of such websites or platforms. Doing so will keep you free from any stress about the content your child accesses online.  

Easy to navigate device usage 

Sometimes, setting screen time limits is not enough to control screen interactions. You need something advanced to make smart moves. In this scenario, FamilyTime lets you take charge of screen time control in your hand. You can set daily limits and schedules or use the FamilyPause feature whenever needed. It’s like a quick stop to your child’s device when they are watching something inappropriate or not paying attention to you. You will block their device using the touch feature and make them behave well. 

Dedicated apps & games choices 

Undoubtedly, kids are obsessed with games and apps on their mobile devices. Being kids, they get attracted to any app or game without considering the side effects. But you have the virtue and control to decide what is best for them. Using the app blocker, you can block any app or game on your child’s device that you find inappropriate. 

Additionally, you have the option to restrict the installation of any new app on your child’s device. Whenever they install a new app, you will receive a review and approval request. Upon reviewing the app, you can either approve or cancel the installation. This helps you make careful choices of games and apps for your kids. 

Real-time location updates 

Mothers are mostly worried about their kids’ real-time location. Not knowing where their kids are makes them anxious. With the best parental control app, it’s convenient for mothers to keep track of their kids’ location.  

Additionally, mothers can monitor teens’ driving. Yes, whenever the teen crosses the speed limit, you will get an alert. Moreover, you can review the history and track the teen’s driving practice. 

Co-parenting made easier 

Digital parenting is even harder for single mothers. Managing everything independently is difficult for them, so why not involve the other parent? FamilyTime’s co-parenting feature enables mothers to add the other parent or a guardian to the app panel. It lets the other guardian look into the digital controls and rules for the child. 

Even the co-parent can receive alerts like SOS, PickMeUp, Geofence, and more. It helps both parents manage the child’s routine and activities without making it difficult for any of the parents. 

Always be informed 

FamilyTime is designed to empower parents, especially mothers when it comes to knowing everything about their kids and teens. Using the location tracker, you will have an idea of where your kids have been. Moreover, the efficient geofence alerts keep you up to date about the child’s movements. It is helpful in keeping your child safe in real time. 

The app offers reports and insights about your child’s activities. From browsing history to messages, app usage duration, screen time duration, and more, you can have everything at once. It lets you review what your child’s been doing throughout the day, so mothers do not have to stick to their child’s devices 24/7. They can easily review the activities, set or change rules, and get alerts for quick reviews. 

Get your Hands on the Best Parental Control App! 

To make digital parenting smoother and better for mothers, FamilyTime is offering a massive FLAT 50% OFF on all its premium plans. This is exciting and a perfect chance for all concerned mothers to get their hands on the ultimate parental control app. Using the right parental control toolkit, mothers can be at peace and keep their kids safe.

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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