FamilyTime Does it Again – Launches 1st Ever Screen Time Controls for Android Based on App Usage

Mar 8, 2017 | Parental Controls for Android, What's New

We take pride in how we constantly strive to bring innovation to the parental controls you love. And it’s a great pleasure to announce that FamilyTime introduces brand new Screen Time Controls of its own kind that let parents block their child’s smartphone on the basis of app usage. This makes FamilyTime to be the 1st and only parental controls software to offer this feature.

What’s New

Parents rejoice because we have delivered what you desired. Based on the customer feedback and gauging the changing market trends, we have developed the most advanced parental controls that let parents control how much time their children spend on their mobile devices.

Screen Time Controls is a set of features that gives parents full control. They can block their devices on the basis of device usage, during certain hours or by App Blocking.

Daily Limit Explained

Let’s suppose your child is an excessive gamer and spends a considerable time on the mobile games that often meddles with the homework and sleep hours. FamilyTime lets you define a daily limit for certain apps through your FamilyTime – Dashboard. As soon as your child consumes that time limit, those apps will be automatically blocked for the rest of the day.

Other Screen Time Control Options

Parents can also block their child’s mobile device by Phone Lock. There are defined rules to choose from including Bed Time, Dinner Time and Homework Time or parents can define their own rules. Parents need to enter the details like start and finish tine and select days for the rules to recur. As the time kicks in, the desired mobile device will be blocked. This way you can ensure that your child does not get distracted by mobile devices during meal times, study and sleep time.

There is another way to control the excessive screen time by your kids. You can also opt for Screen Time Control by App Blocking. This features lets parents schedule app blocking and can also block different apps at different times. This way you can easily block social media and gaming apps during school hours to avoid distraction. All this is automotive, means you set it once and forget. FamilyTime executes screen time control and lets you be in control of their device usage in real sense.

So with latest FamilyTime Screen Time Controls, you can limit screen time of your children the way you like. These features are highly adaptive so you can alter and adjust as per your needs. You can relax the rules over the weekend or during holidays and you can set different rules for different children.

So try the new features now and let us know your feedback/ Happy parenting!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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