Does a lot Of Screen Time Suit Your Child’s Physiology & Psychology?

Oct 5, 2021 | Parental Controls

Screen Time is associated with poor social coping, reduced cognitive control, weak emotional regulation, increased risks for obesity, and heart-related issues, says research.

We know it is a lot to be told in the exact start, but based upon the eye-opening realities, we couldn’t help. 

This article is all about the analysis based upon research that shows how excessive screen time is a slow poison eating us as a generation from inside. And how, very willingly, we are letting our children be prey to it. 

Do we need to stop it? Yes, the excess of it. Do we need to regulate our children’s screen time? Yes, necessarily. And do we need to take away the gadgets from our children and adolescents? No, that’s a mistake for a reason. First, for changing the habits of a person, you have to step in their shoes and then eliminate the problem the way that they understand. 

Today, the new generation speaks the language of technology. So, let it be that. Change them, instruct them, and regulate them speaking the same language. A screen time limit app is the solution that is drawn from the technology to control the hazards caused by it. 

But before jumping on the solutions directly, we will discuss how it is affecting us.

The Physiological Effects

In a book about how human beings came to the shape they have today and what has been their history, Harari explains how our DNA and biological structure has been adapted to our hunter-gatherers’ system like our ancestors. 

Our bodies crave nature. It looks for manual work and family time. When we start making our habits totally different, like using screens for a maximum of the tasks and doing minimum physical labor, our body resists it. This conflict causes a lot of trouble and results in frustration and many other problems.

Current research says overuse of screens is associated with reduced sleep and increased risk for heart problems including high blood pressure, and high levels of stress. Also, it has been causing impairment of vision and weakness of bones. 

Social and Psychological Effects

There is a lot to be explicated and we cannot stop ourselves from telling you everything. 

The parents would like to believe, their children are doing great socially; meeting people, making friends, socializing with confidence, and everything. But the truth is, most probably, different.  

Not just that, excessive screen time reduces the socializing abilities of a child but also makes them antisocial. You never know the type of content your child is watching. The content that is idealized, like violence, can cause serious sociopathic tendencies like low prosocial attitude.  

What you do not want to read is how it can lead to depressive and suicidal tendencies. Sleep apnea is caused by bedtime and in general excessive screen, usage is associated with poor symptoms of depression and suicidal behaviors.

Also, the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children are seen very differently (which need different treatment) due to screen time excess.  

Psychoneurological Effects

It did not take very long after over and problematic usage of devices caused many disorders that American Psychological Association categorized as a separate disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health. It was seen that the compulsion to use the screen resembles a lot with substance abuse. So, it is an addiction categorized under internet addiction. 

So, if your child is addicted to the use of the screen, it might develop into a disorder and cause changes to cognitive and emotional behavior. Even, the research has found it to be causing changes to brain structure controlling cognitions and emotions, etc.

So, what else do you need to start mending your child’s behavior before it is too late?

The Most Effective Solution: Screen Time Limit App

Why we recommend using the FamilyTime app is the same that we mentioned above. The damage caused by technology can only be repaired by the thing that has the same potential. And, FamilyTime parental control app is the one that has this smartness and effectiveness in its system.

Using this app, you can put a limit to the screen time, schedule the usage of the screen, and have all the records of what kind of content the child is involved in. 

These are just a few of the features it offers. We suggest going to the website and getting details about how it has made the lives of millions of parents easy.    

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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