Dec 16, 2021 | Parental Controls

There has been a growing void between parents and children for the last few generations and only now have parents started making efforts to help their children bridge this gap too. Otherwise, the distant and tough love of parents used to make the child stop making one-sided efforts to bridge the insufferable communication gap between the two as well.

New Parents

The new generation of parents are all the wiser and hence being cautious from the very beginning in terms of how they treat their children, how they feed their children and the way their interactions would affect the development of the children’s behavioral patterns as adults. As a consequence, the way their interactions would influence the rest of the world.

Prevention is Better than Cure

Ideally, the communication gap between parents and children should not develop.

If everything is done precariously and no stone is left unturned on part of the parents, ideally, there should be no problems at all in the parent-child relationship. 

Unfortunately, as experience, as well as the expertise of child psychologists, tell us, children being overly cared for and completely looked after all round the clock are also likely to develop similar problems to the children who are pretty much abandoned. 

Parenting, therefore, turns into funambulism wherein the pressure to keep the balance between everything falls upon the feeble shoulders of the parent. But not to worry, because these unusual strokes of the brilliance of parental performance combined with some rarely occurring blunders are what make parenting a normal, human experience and therefore ensure the healthy growth and development of a child.

The Cure

If your children are past the age where you were able to still shape their perspectives and morph them into somewhat different personalities that were easier to deal with or talk to, then there are plenty of other things you could try.

For Older Children

Some of which include:

  • Vacation Trips and Family Holidays
  • Weekend Bake Off or Holiday Family Cook-Off Challenges
  • Sports Competitions, participate as a family or compete against one another in an outdoor sport like football or basketball.
  • If the situation is really bad or seems otherwise unfixable, try Family Therapy, it would help.
  • Do a weekend self-care routine together.
  • Play board games like scrabble and monopoly. 
  • Learn a new indoor game together like how to play games involving cards or how to play chess and then challenge each other to play better every time.
  • Invite over some of your children’s friends and have an interactive hour or two with their parents. 
  • Take your children to their friend’s houses and go meet their parents.
  • Celebrate small victories and successes together as a family.
  • Innovate, makeup something new. Like human-sized chess where you have to drag each pillar to where you want to move it by pushing it with your body. Make it a two-in-one exercise slash game. 

Mix things up a little. Have fun with it.

For Younger Children

However, if your child is still young enough to have an impressionable mind, do try all of the fun activities mentioned above. Innovate, get creative with it. 

The cherry on top here would be that you can still set up some ground rules and sometimes be strict about them, if necessary. 

With that thought in mind, you can still apply restrictions to their amount of social media exposure on the daily with the help of one of the best iOS and android Parental control app FamilyTime, hence preventing them from being addicted to their screens as well as spending more time with you from an early age which is bound to form an unbreakable bond between you and your child where they have a safe space to interact, gossip, vent as well as communicate thus breaking the general curse of communication barriers carried on from your parents preceded by their ancestors.

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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