4 Common Parenting Disasters and How to Fix Them

Mar 6, 2017 | Parental Controls for Android, Parental Controls for iOS, Parenting Teens

We all try to be the best parents to our kids and try to fix their problems as soon as possible. But it’s true that we are not born to be the perfect parents nor should we expect the kids to be perfect. Always relying on your parenting instinct might make it difficult for you to cope up with common parenting issues. We should learn how we can ignore making some disasters in our parenting to become more effective moms and dads. Let’s have a look at some common disaster and you can fix each.

Common Parenting Disasters

If you recall, at some point of time, you might have done something utterly wrong resulting in a disaster. But relax, it’s totally okay to sometime mess things up. Being a parent doesn’t mean we were genetically programmed to be perfect! And if you’re a fresher at parenting, these common parenting mistakes and their quick fixes can help you out of any disaster!

Disaster 1: Underestimating your teens

A very usual fault in our parenting is that we underestimate the observation of the teens and their access to the information. Before you start educating them about the sexuality and human biology, they might already know a lot. They have smartphones and tablets with 24/7 internet connection so what do you think, they wouldn’t be curious and search the stuff online? They would and they do!

Quick fix: But the real issue is what if they land on a wrong source and get exposed to misleading or adult content? They could access the adult content any time so keep tabs on what they view online. You can do this so easily, because FamilyTime has an easy solution: Internet History monitoring and iOS Content Filters.

Disaster 2: Forgetting to pick them up

It’s a common mistake among the working parents especially moms. They are always in a rush because they have to work, send the kids to school, pick them up, prepare food for them and give them time in the evening. In such chaos, mommies often tend to forget to pick their kids up from school or a dance practice and this could really get messy!

Quick fix: For this, the best suited solution is FamilyTime. They have a feature called. Your children can send you PickMeUp alert from their phone with just a single tap. This way, you will get to exactly when you have to pick your child and from where.

Conveniently, FamilyTime has an app that parents can install the app on their phones and can receive these alerts on their own smartphones. It’s compatible with all versions of iPhones and Android phones and tabs so you can access this app on Google play and iTunes easily.

Disaster 3: Leaving kids home alone

When leaving for the parties, work or any event, we hardly pay attention to what could be the consequences of leaving the child home alone. And sometimes you can’t find babysitter in time. And then again, these days, you should really think twice before engaging a baby sitter for your kids. It’s good to trust the children and train them to be independent, but growing up pre-teens can take advantage of their freedom easily. This is the biggest cause of teens sneaking out late at night and pushing themselves in troubles.

Quick fix: It’s quite horrifying to find your child sneaking out late at night or even worse; inviting someone they fancy. This can be a little too early for such activities and parents need to be in the loop but we can’t be over their shoulders all the time. No sweat; you can stay updated with where they are by the geo-fencing the places. FamilyTime app is very handy, as you can add certain places to Places list and get push notification if your child enter or leave those places.

Disaster 4: Setting teenage curfews

At times we all become a bit over-protected towards our children. But unfortunately, it can’t help in avoiding the problems. Setting up curfews and stopping the teens from partying and clubbing could be disastrous sometimes. This is a major cause of their sneaky behavior.

Quick fix: You can avoid the stress by viewing their location history with the help of any handy GPS tracking app. FamilyTime is the smartest choice to keep tabs on the teens’ whereabouts. So as long as you know they’re not going to inappropriate places, you can always allow them some fun!

Smart parenting can make it easier for you!

Parental controls are great in dealing with teens and common parenting challenges. You can strengthen you bond with your younger ones with the use of FamilyTime app, as it can keep you updated with their location, their online activities and send you instant alerts to avoid any delays in picking them up. Digital monitoring is the easiest and affordable option to cut down your parenting disasters. So what are you waiting for? Let the good time rolling!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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