3 Things You Must Never Compromise on As A Parent

Aug 16, 2017 | Parental Controls for Android, Parental Controls for iOS, Parenting Teens

Parents make compromises and sacrifices. We compromise daily on our work plans, sacrifice our sleep, relationship goals and what not. But in the end when we see our kids growing up and getting the best from us makes it all the way worth it. But there are a few things when compromising is not an option. Parents can not compromise on their children’s security. We can just not relax not knowing where our kids are at the moment, we cannot compromise on their health and we can certainly not compromise on their emotional well being.

3 Things – No Compromise!

But as the times are changing, there are three things no parent must ever compromise on. These are the things parents can’t get away saying that didn’t know:

Digital Footprint

If you think that your teens are safe while using the internet and will not anything stupid is your biggest mistake. Teens are exposed to all kinds of crazy, adult, misleading and violent content as they log onto the internet. So parents need to keep track of their kids’ digital footprint. They need to know what they are doing, what kinds of websites they are using and how they using the social media.

Online Relationships

Online relationships is a thing now and parents need to be very vigilant as to who their teens are dating. There can be a pretty sick guy trying to lure your innocent little girl. There are dating sites and apps that can hook your kids to all the creepy guys out there. You need to educate your kids about dating violence and abuse and how to deal with that.


We all know how teens can go a little too far while hanging out with friends. We all know, “hold my beer and watch this” can never result in something good. So you need to know where your kids go and where they hang out. Are they driving carefully? When will they come back and above all, are they really where they tell you they are?

The Solution is One Tap Away!

Just one wise decision and you never have to compromise on these things or more. FamilyTime is one app that caters to all your parental worse and concerns. It gives you the power to:

  • Monitor their Internet History
  • Check all Install Apps
  • Track locations and Geo-Fence Places
  • Restrict adult apps
  • Put ScreenTime Locks on excessive mobile usage
  • TeenSafe Speed Alerts

So you see all you need is to get FamilyTime and install it on your child’s smartphone?! Then activate the app and you are connected with your kids online and even on the go. Educate them to make the right choices in life from the early start and keep an eye on the all the way- because that’s what parents are there for, right?!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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