Why Teens Use Social Media So Desperately? 4 Reasons You Need To Know!

Oct 20, 2015 | Parenting Teens


Teenagers use social media precipitously. This is one big fact that every parent knows already but have you ever thought about the reasons why so? What makes them stick to the digital world so tightly that they ignore their real surroundings and get indulged in the social networks desperately. Here are the four major reasons that make teens live in their digital social world at all times.

1. To Market Themselves

These days, Social Media is the best available platform that helps teen market themselves. They take selfies more than they do other activity in life just to upload their best clicks on the social media forums and market themselves. The real objective behind is the wish to get maximum attention and every possible like. They market themselves to enlarge their social circle and to get in touch with people who not only praise them but listen to what they say every time they want them.

2. To Become A Celebrity

Some teens join social media just to get popular among their social circle, whereas some aim for bigger and wish to become the celebrity. They make their pages and strive to get the global audience. To do that, they sometimes propagate their skills and most of the times their personality on these forums. Propagating  skill is a positive attitude that can lead them to their career such as modeling, acting, singing, being photographer etc.

3. To Overcome FOMO

FOMO is the Fear of Missing Out. Teens consider social media as the extension of their physical world which is true to some extent. They think that if they don’t play active in the digital social world, they will be left behind in the real world. They see social popularity as the doorway to becoming famous in the real world. This particular perception makes them publish posts more frequently and hooks their attention to these forums to see the response after every other minute.

4. To Find Relationships

This is sad yet true. Teens use social media to find relationships. They start random chats in the chat room or respond to anonymous friend requests to become friend with a stranger danger. Some look for a romantic relationship and some  for a friend partner only. They don’t pay heed to the true relationships around and run after the  profile they know nothing about.

These are the four major reasons teens report for their social use. Some reasons are good and some are bad. To figure out which is the reason of your teens using the social media, you will have to monitor their online and offline behaviors. You can take help of parental control apps in this regard and make your strategy later to deal with your teen and their social media  usage. You can provide them the attention and the relation they are looking for and gratify their fair needs, but for that, you have to know the requirement in the first place.

By now, you should know that the cyber world is home to predators, catfishes, and cyber bullies. Don’t let your teen become the prey of them. Take your precautionary step before it’s too late.

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