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The influence of digital activities on a child’s development is way more that of parents and family. Yes, unknowingly, we are letting it happen. But is that healthy? Are we growing our children with all their basic needs?

The rise of individualism after the technological revolution has taken the sense of collectivism and togetherness away from people. The time spent with families is now replaced with video games, online chat, web browsing, and much more. We are actually growing in unnatural ways that are doing much harm to us and our next generation specifically, that opened its eyes to the screens of phones, tablets, and laptops. 

Here, technology is not total evil. It just has taken away the very natural lifestyle that we all need. We definitely have to get along with the evolving world. And if you think we are going to tell you to eliminate technology from our lives, we’d be foolish to do so. We only cannot embrace ways that we are being forced to live with. So, we have to keep a necessary balance and make our kids follow that. Else, it can bring them up with personalities that, according to the foresight of researchers, are not quite favorable. 

This article will explain what are the requirements of a child’s growth and how we can revive the parent-child bond through FamilyTime App.

Psychology of a Child’s Development

From Aristotle, when psychology as a field was not born, to modern psychologists like Maslow, the importance of social relationships and belongingness is not denied and, in fact, being endorsed. 

Aristotle, when explaining the psyche of a human being, theorized that man is a social animal and needs to form relationships to be happy and healthy. Despite staying in contact with the whole globalized world, the internet and social media have failed to provide us with strong social bonds that we can associate with and that we can own. 

That is quite opposite of a child’s needs as Maslow explains. In the hierarchy of needs of development, the psychologist keeps the sense of belonging, attachment, and intimate relations the primary needs. And before them comes the sense of safety needs. Without them, a healthy growth of a human being is impossible.    

A psychologist, Sally Boardman, in a research article says that most unhappy people are those in the western world that have an abundance of material things. The reason, she explains, lies in the over-dependence on unnatural sources for entertainment and poor community and family bonds. This is what maximum of us can relate to. 

Now when we know that life without technology is impossible, how can we bring back the lost family bonds? 

The beauty of this advanced world is that it provides the solutions of its own evils very smartly.  

The cure from the harms of technology is present within technology.

Let Us Recreate the Strong Parent-Child Bonds

Why are today’s children not used to connected families and why do they feel isolated very often?

We find two reasons for it. First, parents today are busier and do not have that much time to run a family like an institute. Second, the children are too much into technology and they do not understand such values. 

We have the solution to both of these problems. FamilyTime App allows you to give your family that sense of connectivity without being physically bound to your kids all the time. To call it a tool to make your children aware of the importance of time spent with family would not be wrong. 

It will help you limit, control, and monitor their digital activities and reduce their screen time. It will also allow you to be with them and give them a sense of safety, care, and connectedness. You can check over your child’s activities, guide them digitally, and keep an eye on the environmental factors that are disturbing them (like bullies, certain places they visit, or their internet content). 

There is this feature that allows your kid to send you panic alerts (when they are in some emergency and unable to handle the situation alone). You can track the location and reach them immediately. This and other features like this make your kid feel that you are near them and they are not alone in their race against challenges.


Modern problems require updated solutions. We can blame technology for making a man isolated. But we have to be friends with it as it provides solutions for the problems that are generated due to it. We have to dig out the ways that can make us become better grown human beings, allow us to maintain a balance in our digital and manual life, and grow our children in a productive and conducive way.   

Boardman emphasizes in her article that a mind for better development needs to make interpersonal bonds. And that starts with you-the parents.

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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